Monthly Archives: October 2020

How To Spawn Pokemon in Pixelmon

Who said Pokémons are limited to Nintendo? What if you can catch, and battle with a Pokémon in another game? I bet you are excited about it!

So the game is Minecraft! Most of you people might be familiar with the game. However, there is almost no chance for you to know about this in-game modification that Minecraft released.

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How To Restart Pokemon X Game

Although it has been almost 7 years since the game became available on Nintendo 3DS, the game doesn’t get so old! Does it? You can still find people dying to find how to restart Pokemon x.

If that’s what you are looking to find, then we are offering you a helping hand. People restart for various reasons, and Pokémon X has a different kind of restart for the two major reasons. However, you may also delete the game “just for the gaming experience.”

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How To Reset Pokemon Sun And Moon

Are you a Pokémon addict? Then you know how amazing it is to play Pokémon sun on your Nintendo. You won’t be fortunate enough to get an excellent-looking starter Pokémon all the time, but you know how important it is!! You’ll need to reset your game if did not get an excellent starter Pokemon. 

There are plenty of reasons why one want to scrap their old save file.

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