Ice Type Pokemon Strength and Weakness Chart

Ice Type Pokemon

Ice-type Pokémon are distinguished by their ability to withstand very low temperatures and adapt to cold temperatures. They control the ice at will. Their habitats range from mountain peaks, caves and icy caves or even poles.

Many ice movements are likely to freeze the target, preventing them from attacking until they are thawed.

Famous ice-type Pokémon trainers include Lorelei, a member of the Kanto Elite Four; Pryce, the seventh gym leader Mahogany Town, in the Johto region; Glacia, a member of the Hoenn Elite Four; Candice, the seventh gym leader of Sinnoh Snowpoint City; Brycen, former gym leader for Unova, and Wulfric, last gym leader of Kalos.

Ice Type Strength

  • Ice type pokemon attack are super effective against Flying, Rock, Grass, Dragon type pokemon.

Ice Type Weakness

  • Ice type pokemon attacks are not effective against the Steel, Fire, Water, Ice type pokemon.
  • Ice type pokemon attack are weak against Fighting, Rock, Steel, Fire type pokemon.
  • Ice type pokemon are not immune to any type pokemon.


  • Ice Type Super Effective Against : Grass, Ground, Flying, Dragon
  • Ice Type Not very Effective Against: Fire, water, Ice, steel.


  • Types which are Not effective against Ice Type: Ice
  • Types Super Effective on Ice Type: Fire, Fighting, Rock Steel