Dragon Type Pokemon Strength and Weakness Chart

Dragon Type Pokemon

The Dragon type is often considered an ancestral type because many legendary Dragon-type Pokémon are revered as gods. Other Dragon-type Pokémon are often difficult to capture and train. 

They also evolve late and are relatively rare. An interesting fact is that the statistics of many Pokémon type Dragon exceed those of other types of Pokémon.

Notable Draco users include Lance (the last member of the Kanto Elite Four and then Johto League Champion), Clair (Blackthorn City Gym Club Leader), Drake (the last member of the Hoenn Elite Four), Iris (the leader of the Opelucid Gymnastics Club), then of the Unova League Champion), Drayden (leader of the Opelucid Municipal Gymnastics Center) and Drasna (member of the Kalos Elite Four).

Dragon Type Strength

  • Dragon type pokemon attack are super effective against the Dragon type pokemon.

Dragon Type Weakness

  • Dragon type pokemon attacks are not effective against the Steel type pokemon.
  • Dragon type pokemon attack are weak against Steel type pokemon.
  • Dragon type pokemon are not immune to any damage.


  • Dragon Type Super Effective Against : Dragon
  • Dragon Type Not very Effective Against: Steel.


  • Types which are Not effective against Dragon Type: Fire, Water, Electric, Grass
  • Types Super Effective on Dragon Type: Ice, Dragon Fairy.