What To Do After Beating Pokemon Sword

Are you wondering what to do after beating Pokemon sword? Then check out this article. If you have completed at least Pokemon sword or any Pokemon video game all by yourself, you would have known by now that Pokemon games don’t come to an end.

Yes! Pokemon video games are known for their post-game gameplay. Sounds different, isn’t it?


The Pokemon sword is a game that was launched in the year 2019 for the Nintendo Switch gaming console. Suppose you have defeated Leon in the game and have no clue what to do next. This one here is for you! 

Each game comes in with a definite story and objective. However, completing your game objective doesn’t mean you have completed the game. This is one thing that Pokemon video games have been famous for.


Master Ball

One exciting part of the post-game gameplay in the Pokemon sword is the master ball!! However, the more surprising part is that all you have to do is load up you are saved, and try to exit the house.

Professor Magnolia comes and presents you with the master ball, that has a 100% catch rate. Anyways it is the point where you are supposed to begin your post-game journey.

Get the best ball

A beast ball is a Pokeball that has higher chances of catching an ultra beast. Although there are no ultra beasts in this game, the ball sure does look cool.

NOTE: To get hold of the best ball, you need to talk to the merchant on the right of a town in the Galar region, Stow-on-Side.

Charmander secret

The game does not have a Charmander in play. However, there is a secret way by which you can own a Charmander in the whole game.

This one can be found only in the post-game section, which makes it even more exciting.

NOTE: Visit Hop and Leon’s house, and go into Leon’s room. There will be a Pokeball with a note on it, and inside it is your Charmander.

Type: Null Pokemon

Null Pokemon is a legendary Pokemon from the video game versions of “sun and moon.” You can find him hanging out in the battle tower in Lyndon, and you can collect him during your post-game journey. 

Steel beam attack

In the South of the Pokemon center, locate a place with cargo crates. There lives a man who can train your Pokemon in the steel beam move.

The steel beam move is a powerful move that inflicts damage both on the user and the enemy. Find the man to learn this deadly move.

The battle tower

The battle tower is a brilliant way to take over your post-game journey, without feeling bored. You will be put in ranked tournaments with other ranked trainers.

Also, winning in battle tower tournaments will get you battle points. Although battle points are not important in the gameplay, you can use it to get items like mint.

The charms

If you are still utterly clueless about what to do, go to the hotel in Chichester. Here an opportunity to get two charms awaits you. However, you have to earn your charms.

At first, you are supposed to defeat a policeman in a battle to get the oval charm. The oval charm increases the chances of gettings eggs hatching at the nursery.

For the next charm, you have to complete your Pokedex. Once done, the doctor will give you a shiny charm. The shiny charm, just as the name suggests, increases the chance to get a shiny Pokemon.


If you still feel clueless and bored in the game, this version of the game might seem useful. However, you need to check your device’s connectivity for this.

Pokemon sword offers to play battles and trade Pokemon with online players using the device’s connectivity.

These are just some of the few ways to take your post-game journey forward. There is more to the game, like a legendary quest that most of you might have known.

Anyways, Like every other Pokemon game, the Pokemon sword goes on endlessly with its interesting post-game objectives. So play Pokemon sword and experience the best gaming experience of the Pokemon series!! This was all about “what to do after beating pokemon sword.” Hope you found this article interesting.


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