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Pokemon QR Codes Gen 2 Complete List (Quick scan & play)


It is a leaf type pokemon. The leaf on its head is used to determine temperature and humidity


It is a leaf type pokemon. Inside every leaf around its neck is a small shoot of a tree.


It evolves from Chikorita. The fragrance from the flower on its neck blunt the foes fighting spirit.


It is fire mouse pokemon. It shoots out the fire on its back are vigorous when it gets angry.


It is a fire type pokemon and it is fully covered by a nonflammable fur on its back.


When it angered, it will make anything go up in flames and generates a shimmering heat from its body.


Its jaw is very powerful to break anything and cause severe injury. 


It attacks the enemy with his wide-open jaws. If it loses its teeth and they regrow quickly.


It bites with his jaws and shakes its head to tear victim. It has a powerful leg which gives an incredible speed.


They rub the coat of wool to produce a static electric charge.


The quality of wool changes in this type, so that it can produce a large amount of static electricity.


This type of pokemon was used to send and receive with others signals during ancient times.


It always sleeps to guard themselves, it wakes up insight of danger. They won't sleep if they are separated from their pack due to fear.


It has a slim body and easily escapes through a narrow space where other Pokemon can't enter.


It stands in one leg, and it is very rare to see this Pokemon's movement.


It turns its head over 180degree to sharpen its intellectual power. It has a supervision to see in minimal light.


They communicate with others using their aromatic fluid and also express their feelings by altering the scent of the fluid.


They use stars light as energy and there lives many ledian.


This type pokemon remains in the same place in its web till its prey to wander closer.


It spins the string from both its back and mouth. Only Spinarak and Ariados can learn toxic thread.


It loses electric charge from its two antennae to make is pray faint.


It produces light by releasing a chemical reaction between bacteria and its body fluid.


They dance throughout the night and stops only during day time.


Their vocal cords get hurt if they sign too much because their vocal cords are not developed sufficiently.


It uses the feelings of compassion and pleasure exuded by other Pokemon and uses them as its energy.


Without flapping its wings it can stay up in the air. It shares is happiness to the injured pokemon if they are pure.


This type Pokemon can't fly because its wings are not fully grown. They stare at their opponent, if they move slightly it will hop away for safety.


These pokemon can see both the past and the future. They can stand rooted in a one spot throughout a day.


Using its oil-filled tail which is lighter than water and so it can swim without drowning.


They live in the river and lakes. Using long ears they can sense their prey around them in rough and fast running rivers.


They fly only by using any of its two wings either on forelegs or hind legs. It changes its wings when they feel tired.


They charge electricity easily on days with thunderclouds. You can hear the electricity coming out from this pokemon easily.


They disguise themselves as a tree to avoid attacks. These types of pokemon hate water and so they hide when it starts raining.


The curly hair on its head is proof of its status as a king.


These pokemon expose only during sunlight and starts dancing. It does not dance when the weather is cloudy.


They live high among the treetops and they use their tail as the hand.


They live high among the treetops and they use their tail as the hand.


It generates a shock wave by flapping its wing very fast. They chase their prey with the help of its flying ability.


These type of pokemon tries to steal any sparkling things like rings from the woman and it will bring misfortune if they see it in the night time.


These pokemon solves the mysteries of the world, but it forgets everything if it loses the shellder on its head.


This type of pokemon mostly sticks on the walls. Their shape appears to have something meaningful.


This pokemon scares the peoples by its sobbing cry and absorbs them and turn it into nutrition.


They usually live in water. Its body is fully covered with mucous, it causes pain if someone touches them in barehanded.


They leave their mouth wide open in water and wait for its prey blunder in unaware.


This pokemon stay loyal to their trainer if they are worthy and it protects their trainer from getting harmed.


This type of pokemon mostly appears on moonlight. They hide in darkness until its foe moves. If the ring on their body glows, it leaps to attack.


They move as little as possible they can. If they were attacked by Spearow, they drop out from the sky suddenly


It converts the solar energy into nutrition. It moves around during day time and stops when the sun goes down.


It uses it tails mysterious power to drive away the enemy when its in danger.


It uses its tail to drill burrow in the ground backward. They build their nest deep under the ground.


They dig toward the earth's core. They live further underground than Onix.


This pokemon injects its foe with poison barb, by hanging on the foes face using its clawed hind legs.


It inflates its body by drinking 2.6 gallons of water and fires its poison spike over its foe.


It scares its foe swings its eye-patterned pincers and it flaps its wings to regulate its body temperature.


They hide in beneath rocks and remains completely still


It charges in a straight line at its foe and scoops them with its mighty horn.


These pokemon steal the egg of other pokemon when their parents are away.


They glitter in seven colors when they appear in sunlight. Any branches break on their head they grow within one day.


Using its tail they bundle their food. The nests at the edge of sharp cliffs.


It swims elegant and it is not bothered by the Remoraid that hitches rides.


It hangs on a tree branch and waits for its prey to come along. It drops down and explodes with no warning if they were disturbed while eating.


Its entire body is covered by a steel-hard shell. The shell opens when they try to catch prey.


It makes a scary face and by baring its fangs. It seems a little sad at making its foes flee.


It has a well developed lower jaws. It will not try to bite indiscriminately unless it is startled.


This Pokemon always lick his palm that is soaked in honey.


They leave scratches on their territory. They walk through the forest gathering food every day.


This type of pokemon does not have blood circulation in its body.


The shell on its back is not its skin that hardened as a result of cooling. It returns to its original size by dipping itself in magma.


The shell on its back is not its skin that hardened as a result of cooling. It returns to its original size by dipping itself in magma.


Its body is fully covered by a thick coat of long hair to endure the freezing cold.


It sucks the water and uses its abdominal muscles to shoot down flying prey.


It grabs its foe using its tentacles.


They communicate with their pack with each other using a variety of cries to corner their prey.


In their pack, the one with its horns raked sharply are the Leaders. They fight among themselves for choosing their leader.


They dig their nest in a vertical pit in the ground at the edge of a river.


They curling their body into a ball, then charging at its foe while rolling at high speed.


They get stressed if they did not get trained every day.


They spin on its head while performing attacks. It helps in both attack and defense.


They live at the extreme depths in the ocean. It creates whirlpools by yawning. 


It was created by humans using science. It is been endowed with artificial intelligence, and it learns new gesture and emotion on its own.


The round on its fallen antlers is grounded into power that aids in sleeping.


Using the fluid in its tail, they mark their boundary of its territory.


These type of pokemon are active while running but also falls quiet often. They check their face in reflection, to check its face hasn't become dirty.


It is an electric type pokemon, they discharge all its build-up powers if they touch the metal.


The health state of this pokemon is observed from the fire it breaths and the yellow flame is spouting it is in good health.


This pokemon will rush over to a sad person by sensing with its fluffy coat fur, to share a Lucky Egg that brings a smile to any face.


It gives five gallons of milk each day, which is enjoyed by both children's and grown-ups.


It sends shock waves shuddering through the air when this pokemon roars.


This type pokemon born in the eruption of a volcano. It consumes energy all that they touch and sends a burst of fire.


It runs through a land full of gracefulness and it has the power to purify the dirty water.


It is born in deep under the ground. They eat the soil to come up to the surface.


The gas inside its body that it compresses and ejects to propel itself like a jet.


It digs the whole mountain to bring up its nest. They wander around the mountain to get new opponents for fighting.


It spends its time quietly deep under the see to control its power because it is too strong to blow up a regular house.


As long as it appears, a bright and shining future awaits us, because it comes from the future by crossing over time.


Their wings glow in seven colors depending on the angle they fly and by sunlight. They live at the foot of a rainbow.


The float with the wind and they sense the approach of strong wind blows and they connect their leaves with each other to being blown away.


The flower above its head blossoms when the temperature raises above 64`F. It is sometimes used as a thermometer.


By catching the wind it controls its cotton-puff spores to float, through the sea and land.