Flying Type Pokemon Strength and Weakness Chart

Flying Type Pokemon

Pokémon of this type can fly, many also live in altitude. Most of them are birds and insects. Its power is mainly related to aerial and wind attacks. Many of them have wings, but some float without wings, like Rayquaza and Gyarados.

The flight was combined with any other type of Pokémon to create a species; The introduction of Fighting / Flying Hawlucha has completed all possible combinations. Until generation V, no species was ever of the Pure Flying type; Porygon, Kecleon and Arceus could only do pure flight typing in combat, each with distinctive moves or abilities.

Famous flying Pokémon coaches include Falkner, the first sports center manager in the Johto region; Winona, the sixth Hoenn Gym chef; Skyla, the sixth leader of the Unova gymnasium; and Kahili, member of Alola Elite Four.

Flying Type Strength

  • Flying type pokemon attack are super effective against Fighting, Bug, Grass type pokemon.

Flying Type Weakness

  • Flying type pokemon attacks are not effective against the Rock, Steel, Electric type pokemon.
  • Flying type pokemon attack are weak against Rock, Electric, Ice type pokemon.
  • Flying type pokemon are immune to Ground type pokemon.


  • Flying Type Flying Type Super Effective Against : Grass Fighting, Bug
  • Flying Type Not very Effective Against: Electric, Rock Steel


  • Type which has No Effect against Flying Pokemon: Ground
  • Types which are Not effective against Flying Type: Grass, Fighting, Bug