Dark Type Pokemon Strength and Weakness Chart

Dark Type Pokemon

The dark type was added to the second generation to counteract the domination of the psychic type in the first generation, being totally immune to it and capable of attacking psychic types very effectively. It has also been given to make the type of struggle and type of error more dominant due to its fall into the psychic types of generation I.

The black type is represented by traits considered ferocious and indomitable, in particular those of complex and intense social conditions, to those that evoke a negative inclined nature, such as a nocturnal cycle, cruel exposures and intelligent intelligence, aggression of belligerents, sensitive conscience and choice of malicious and / or inflicting bad will, at the negative end of nature and reality, like shadows, decline, "survival of the fittest", destruction, the arrival of the darkest times and the unknown but potentially dangerous aspects of what Mysterious and enigmatic.

It should also be noted that the Dark type is not automatically associated with the concept of evil, because there is evidence of cruelty capable of pokemon and not just of the type (Ekans, Fearow) and which is the coach that most influences mature Pokémon and acts .

Many dark types are born with characteristics that define them as a type, because they include the powers that accompany them, such as Absol and Sableye, and / or are defined as such by the perspective of the man who has a necessary purpose in the future. the environment and its species, but whose actions and traits are so taboo and discouraged in human society.

Before the fourth generation, every movement of darkness that dealt damage was a special attack. All pre-existing dark damage attacks were changed to physical in the fourth generation, which means that any special dark attacks would have been introduced by the fourth generation. The movements of the non-damaging darkness disturb the opponent in a unique way.

Dark Type Strength

  • Dark type pokemon attacks are super effective against the ghost and psychic type pokemon.

Dark Type Weakness

  • Dark type pokemon attacks are not effective against the Fighting, dark, fairy type pokemon.
  • Dark type pokemon attacks are weak against Fighting, Bug, and Fairy type pokemon.
  • Dark type pokemon are immune to psychic type pokemon. 


  • Dark Type Super Effective Against : Psychic, Ghost
  • Dark Type Not very Effective Against: Fighting, Dark, Fairy


  • Types which are Not effective against Dark Type: Ghost, Dark.
  • Types Super Effective on Dark Type: Fighting, Bug, Fairy.