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Pokemon Go Evolution Chart Generation 2 (Full List)

Chikorita- Bayleef- Meganium


Chikorita is a grass Pokemon found in grasslands throughout Johto region. . It has a large leaf on the top its head. It evolves in to Bayleef. The aroma from Bayleef's leaf has healing effects opn other pokemons. Finally it evolves into meganium, on of the powerful Grass type Pokemon of Johto. It is also said that the breath of Meganium can revive even dead plants and grass.

Cyndaquil- Quilava- Typhlosion


Cyndaquil is a fire type Pokmon originally found in Johto region. It has a Long snout on its face. It evolves to Quilava. Quilava's fur is non-flammable which gives the ability to withstand flame attacks. Its next evolution is Typhlosion. The more anger it gets the more flames will light up from its back.

Totodile- Croconaw- FERALIGATOR


Totodile is small water pokemon that lives along water banks. It is very playful in nature adn it is known for its strong bites. Totodile evolves to Croconaw which has yellow lower jaw. The gangs of Croconaw can grow back. Later on it evolves to Feragilator. Feragilator is known for its powerful jaw. During hunting or fighting it becomes more strong and agile because of its strong hind legs.

Furret - Sentret


Sentret is a small furry normal type Pokemon. They are very shy and always live in group. It has big tail with dark brown rings. It evolves into Furret. Furret is known for its long sleek body. It digs deep burrows in ground allowing it to protect itself from threats.



Hoothooth is owl like bird pokemon. It has big eyes allowing it to see clearly in dark. It always stands on one foot. It evolves into Noctowl. Noctowl can see clearly in pitch dark. It can tilt its head upto 180 degrees noctowl is an excellent hunter. It pecs when other people or pokemon disturbs them.

Ledian - Lediba


Lediba is a lady bird like bug pokemon. It has 6 legs in total. They have notable big eyes. Mal elediba have slighly longer antennas than female lediba. It evolves to Ledian. Ledian is a big red colored pokemon. They can launch a barrage of punch with its four hands. It scatters glowing powder which is considered as a symbol of good luck.

Ariados - Spinarak


Spinarak is a green spider pokemon. It uses it thread to fight other pokemons. It is also said that spinarak web are so strong even a rock cannot break it. It is also a patient hunter. Its evolution is Ariados. Ariados hunts at night and it is the only Pokemon that can learn Toxic Thread.

Lanturn - Chinchou


Chinchou is a small fish pokemon that lives in deep water. It uses its antenna which has a yellow orb at the end to lure prey. Electricity is charged in the two antenna. It evolves into Lanturn. Lanturn is large fish pokemon that can produce high electricity. It shines a powerful light to blind its target and then attacks them.

Togepi- Togetic- Togekiss


Togepi has always been a Mystery pokemon. Togepi is a rare pokemon. It does not shed it egg shell. It evolves to togetic. Togetic can sense kindness in people and pokemon. It is also very rare to find in wild. Later it evolves to Togekiss. Togekiss is extremely rare in wild. they have oval shape body and triangular wings.

NATU- Xatu


Natu is a little green color pokemon. It climbs on trees and pecks at new shoots of tree. The evolved form of Natu is called Xatu. Xatu stands still all day it is also said that Xatu can see the future with its right eye and the past with its left eye.

Mareep- Flaaffy- Ampharos


Mareep is an electric sheep pokemon. It has a blue head and a ball at the end of its tail. It can produce static electricity. It evolves into flaffy. Flaffy is a pink colored pokemon. the orb in its body glows when it is fuly charged. Further Flaffy evolves to Ampharos. Ampharos is a powerful electric pokemon. Ampharos has mega evolution too.

Azurill- Marill- Azumarill


Azurill is a mouse pokemon that lives along water banks. It has a big ball in its tail and large rounded ears. It evolves into Marill. Marill have excellent hearing ability. They can hear sounds even from long distances. It fights with the help of its tail. Later on Marill evolves to Azurill. Azurill,s body is oval shaped. they are very good swimmers and can hear sounds even under water for long distances.

Bonsly- Sudowoodo


Bonsly is small pokemon that likes to mimic people and other pokemon. It loves dry places. Damp places is not good for bonsly. It can stand in a a same place for long period of timei is also known for it crying habit. The evolution of Bonsly is called Sudowoodo, a mimicking pokemon. Sudowoodo stands near trees and have perfect camouflage in order to escape from its enemies.

Hoppip- SKIPLOOP- Jumplouff


Hoppip is a very light pokemon that has a green long leaves on the top of its head. Hoppip is very light that it can be carried away by winds. It evolves to Skiploop and fly towards bright Sun light. Later it evolves to Jumplouff. Jumpllouff is often spotted in open Grass Lands.

Aipom- Ambipom


Aipom is a monkey pokemon often known for its mischievous behaviors. It mostly lives on tree and uses it tail very well. It uses it tail to attack and grab branches with it. Ir evolves to Ambipom. Ambipom has two powerful tails which it uses for everything. Ambipom uses its hand to very less extent. They are highly territorial and fight aggressively for their territory.

Sunkern- Sunflora


Sunkern is a grass type pokemon. they are weak in nature. They feed throughout the day to gather necessary food and nutrients for evolution... After gathering enough strength Sunkern evolves to Sunflora. Sunflora is a sun flower like pokemon. It converts Sunlight into energy. This pokemon tends to pursue sunlight and tends to move in the direction of Sunlight.



Yanma is a bug and flying type pokemon.

Wooper- Quagsire


Wooper is small Pokemon that has a notable bigger head than its body. It spends most of the time in cold water. Its evolution is Qugsire. Quagsire lives only in clean water. They hunt for food with its mouth open in water.

Murkrow- Honchkrow


Murkrow is a dark and flying type pokemon. Murkrow chases shiny objects and even fight people and other pokemon for collecting their shiny objects. they generally nocturnal in nature. Murkrow evolves into Honchkrow. Honckrow looks like a personn dressed in formal attire. it is often referred as "Summoner of Night" They are scavengers and hunt at night.

Misdreavus- Mismagius


Misdreavus is a ghost type pokemon. It flows in air at night and it is known to scare people. It has big red eyes. It is one of the pokemon that can use Pain Split. It evolves to Mismagius. Mismagius looks like a witch wearing hat. this pokemon can cause misery adnd happiness. It can also give headaches and hallucinations to people.

Wynaut- Wobbuffet


Wynaut is a small pokemon covered with blue fur. They like to live in caves and can learn counter attacks. They move in herds across grasslands. the evolved form of Wyanaut is called Wobbuffet. Wobbufet are docile pokemon. They don,t attack first. But if they are attacked it can make a counterstrike. They tend to live in caves as they don't like sunlight.

Pineco- Forretress


Pineco is a blue green pinecone-like pokemon. It usually lives in trees. it has no visible legs. It explodes if someone panicked it. It evolves into Forretress. Forreetress can shoot from it spikes. It also like to live in tress.

Gligar- Gliscor


Gligar is a bat like Pokemon. It mainly feeds on berries. It can produce ultrasonic waves by which it can detect obstacles and its prey. It has Clawesd front limbs and poison spincer in its tails. It evolves to Gliscor. Gliscor has notable yellow eyes. Like Gligar, it can also use ecolocation. It sleeps upside down hanging from the tress.

Granbull - Snubbull


Snubull is a bull dog like pokemon. They are not aggressive but tends to scare other pokemons. Thy have powerful bite. It evolves to Granbull. Granbull has a very scary look. They have sharp fangs which can inflict powerful bite to its enemies.



Qwillfish is a water and poison type pokemon. It drinks up to 2.6 gallons of water to inflate itself. It can shoot poisonous quills to attack its enemies. Due to its round built body they cannot swim efficiently If inflated it is even harder for quillfish to swim.



Shuckle is a turtle like pokemon. They belong to bug and rock type. They have yellow body covered with red shell. they don,t hunt for food. Rather it collects berries and stores in its shell where it digests slowly. They are very calm pokemon. They hide under rock for protection.



Heracross is a bug as well as fighting type pokemon. The body is covered with dark blue exoskeleton . It has a powerful horn on its forehead it uses its horn for various purpose. heracross is one of the strongest pokemons.

Sneasel- Weavile


Sneasel is a vicious pokemon. They have sharp claws and it is known to violent. it uses its claw to climb trees and steal eggs from pidgey. It evolves to Weavile. Weavile has a red feather like crown on top of its head. Weavile is devious and intelligent. It prefers to live in cold areas.

Teddiursa- Ursaring


Teddiursa is a small bear like pokemon. It collects honey and eats all day. It has crescent marking on its forehead. The evolved for of Teddiursa is called Ursaring. Ursaring is covered with big brown fur. It is very territorial. It lives in Mountain forests and guards its young ones aggressively.

Slugma- Magcargo


Slugma is enitirely magma. It loves to ive in cool places and it always keeps moving. The evolution of slugma is called Magcargo. Magcargo lives in hot volcanic regions. The shell sometimes releases flames. It can evaporate water on contact.



Swinub is small pig like pokemon that in lives very cold region. Due to this it has a thichk brown coat that helps it to fight cold. It can dig the ground and finds it foods. It evolves to piloswine. piloswine has a noticable hump on its back. It has two tusk which it uses for battle. it often prefers to live in icy caves. further it evolves to mamoswine. Mamoswine is a very powerful pokemon with big tusks that can harm enemies. It can endure very cold climates and hunger.

Remoraid- Octillery


Remoraid is a fish like pokemon that can shoot water on the surface with high accuracy and speed. It can live in large group of its own kind. It has yellow suction cups on its 8 tentacles which is used to grip and hold things firmly. It sprays ink on its enemies which slows them down.

Mantyke- Mantine


Mantyke is a manta ray like pokemon. It has two antennas which detects oceans current. it can be found near schools of ramoroids. It evolves to mantine. Mantine is a very large pokemon. It is often found with remoroid attached under its wings. A Mantine can fly 300 feet in air if it builds enough speed. It is docile and can be found in open seas.



Houndour is a dark and fire type pokemon. It is always found in packs. Their teamwork is unmatched. They communicate through howls and bark. It evoloves to Houndoom. Houndoom are highly territorial. in a pack of houndoom, the one with long curved back horn will be the leader. They can inflict wounds which will never heal.



Phanpy is a small ground type pokemon. It has a small trunk and ears which it flaps to cool itself. Phanpy evolves to Donphan. Donphan is a big elephant like pokemon It has two big trunks. It can roll itself into a rolling wheel and can attack other pokemons with this once it starts rolling, nothing can stop it.



Larvitar is a small reptilian pokemon. It is born deep inside the underground. it grows by eating soil. it reaches evolution stage after eating a mountain worth of earth. It evolves to Pupitar. Pupitar is covered with hard shell. pupitar can ram mountains and break them. After gaining enough strength, it evolves to Tyranitor. Tyranitor is extremely powerful and can cause earth quakes which changes the landscapes. it is very resistant to attacks.