How To Reset Pokemon Sun And Moon

Are you a Pokémon addict? Then you know how amazing it is to play Pokémon sun on your Nintendo. You won’t be fortunate enough to get an excellent-looking starter Pokémon all the time, but you know how important it is!! You’ll need to reset your game if did not get an excellent starter Pokemon. 

There are plenty of reasons why one want to scrap their old save file.

Mostly, you don’t like your starter Pokemon, or you want to create a new character, or change the language of the game or just want to change your character name.

Whatever maybe the reason, you should know how to reset Pokemon Sun and Moon.


Although the game is going to be the same, the gaming experience will differ. You will fall in love with the game when you have your favorite Pokémon. And here is your trick to get your favorite Pokémon – Just reset the game!!

Is it that easy? Actually, yes, but each time you reset, you get a new Pokémon.

So, if you have a particular Pokémon in mind, it won’t be that easy. But some people do it for the shiny Pokémon. 

Note: Reset pokemon sun as many times as you want to find your Pokémon

If you are one among those shiny Pokémon lovers, then you have an easier chance of finding what you need. Shiny Pokémons are nothing, but it is the Pokémons that have a better and shiny appearance than non-shiny versions of themselves.

So that’s it! All you need to do is reset the game as many times as you want to find your Pokémon. But do you find a reset button on your menu? So, there is the other tricky part.

There are few steps given below on how to reset Pokémon sun. It’s pretty simple. However, there is one thing you need to know about it- Pokémon sun supports only one saved game at a time, which is why you can’t play with 2 starter Pokémons simultaneously.


STEP 1: Delete your saved game.

NOTE: Every time you reset your game you’ll get new set of starter pokemon.

Yes, you read it right! All you need to do is delete your existing saved game and load a new game to reset Pokémon sun. After reset, you can get a new Pokémon. Also, even a new name!

To delete your game:

  • Load the game up on your device.
  • Make sure you are on the title screen.
  • The title screen loads up with “Solgaleo.” Note that you don’t miss the screen. 
  • However, if you missed the screen, load the game again and make sure you don’t miss it this time.
  • While on the screen, hold UP+B+X together on your D-pad.
  • A prompt will appear, asking, are you sure about deleting the existing game. Select yes, and then continue.


Now, you can create a new save with a new Pokémon. Directly your character will be sent back to Alola for a new adventure.

So this is how to reset Pokémon Sun and moon on your Nintendo or Nintendo 3DS. I hope this solved your doubt and gave you an answer. You could reset your game for a lot of reasons.

The usual one being “I wanted to play the whole thing again”! Also, there are reasons that only Pokémon addicts would understand. So, hurry up! Get your shiny Pokémons and start playing your Pokémon Sun!


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