How To Get Stardust In Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO been a revelation. In the gaming franchise of Pokemon. Ardent Pokemon fans and the other people equally liked the game that it became trending in a short amount of time.

Pokemon GO is an augmented-reality, location-based game, which was the most profitable mobile app of 2016.

The concept of the game is that as people move around after creating their in-game avatars, they can find and track in the real world.

Although these do not exist in the real world, the app uses your mobile’s camera and gyroscope to bring you any Pokemon in AR.

As you catch each Pokemon, you will be awarded 2 types of in-game currencies, namely: Candies and stardust.


Stardust is an important part of “Pokemon go” because you use it along with the candies to level up.

However, every time you use stardust, the Pokemon goes up only half a level. If you want your Pokemon to go up a level completely, then you need to use stardust twice.

For now, there are only 40 levels for each Pokemon in the game, and the amount of stardust needed increases for every 3 levels. 

Note: Reset Pokemon sun as many times as you want to find your PokémonN

The amount of stardust needed per power up starts with 200 stardusts for the first 3 levels, to 10,000 for the 40th level! 

Especially when you now can have dual battles using your Pokemon, leveling up your Pokemon, and hence stardust becomes really important in pokemon go. So how do we obtain something that is so important for a game?


There are multiple ways in which a person can earn stardust while playing pokemon go. The first and basic way by which the player can earn stardust is by catching Pokemon in the wild.

However, the stardust you obtain that way may differ with the evolution your Pokemon is in. 

  • First evolution: 100 stardust
  • Second evolution: 300 stardust
  • Third evolution: 500 stardust

However, we cannot be sure that every Pokemon has 3 evolutions. Regardless, this is the most reliable way of collecting stardust in the game.

In addition to this, you are awarded a total of 500 stardust a day for the Pokemon you catch in a day. If you do this for an entire week, you will have 3000 stardusts at the end of the week. 


Weather spawned Pokemon

In Pokemon go, there is weather spawned that will be denied on your map with a blue swirl effect around the Pokemon. This gives you a bonus of 25% extra stardust. 

Hatching Pokemon from eggs

Hatching eggs is also a way to earn stardust. All you have to do is walk while you incubate them; this gives you bonus stardust and is also an exercise. However, the distance you walk is important, as 1 km of eggs give you around 800 stardust, 5 km eggs give you around 1600, and so on. 

Participating in raids

This is the least reliable way to collect stardust because you need raid passes and are time-limited. However, if you have your hold on the passes, then you get 500 stardust regardless of the outcome of the raid.

Feeding berries to Pokemon

Not a significant rise in the number of stardust that you will get, but while feeding a pokemon in a gym with any berry, you get 20-30 stardust for a Pokemon.

Although the amount of stardust is a bit less, it is still considered an easy way to earn a bonus Stardust.

The other ways include getting stardust by participating in the seasonal events that provide the player with stardust. You can also login at least once a day and play to get some bonus stardust by completing the daily task.

So go on grab hold of stardust in all ways you can and try to save them for a good level up. And hence let’s play Pokemon Go!! 


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