Electric type Pokemon Strength and Weakness Chart

Electric Type Pokemon

The electric type is a type of Pokémon with Electric-oriented powers. They have electrokinetic capabilities, being able to control, store or even produce electricity.

Electric Pokémon have different habitats, forests, meadows, cities and power plants. Electric type Pokémon are usually fast and many of their attacks can paralyze the target. Some electric-type Pokémon also remember artificial artifacts used by humans that can be linked to electricity (the Magnemite and Voltorb and Rotom lines of evolution).

Some type Pokemon electric coaches are Lieutenant Surge, the third chief of Kanto Gym; Wattson, the third head of the Hoenn Gymnasium; Volkner, the last leader of the Sinnoh Gymnasium; The fourth director of Unova gym was elected. Clemont, the fifth ruler of the Kalos Gymnasium; and Sophocles, a trial captain of Ula’ula Island, Alola.

Electric Type Strength

  • Electric type pokemon attack are super effective against the Flying, Water type pokemon.

Electric Type Weakness

  • Electric type pokemon attacks are not effective against the Grass, Electric, Dragon type pokemon.
  • Electric type pokemon attack are weak against Ice, Dragon, Fairy type pokemon.
  • They are not immune to any damage.


  • Electric Type Super Effective Against : Water, Flying
  • Electric Type Not very Effective Against: Electric, Grass, Dragon.


  • Types which are Not effective against Electric Type: Electric, Ground, Flying.
  • Types Super Effective on Electric Type: Ground