Pokemon Go Evolution Chart Generation 6

#650 Chespin 

#651 Quilladin

#652 Chesnaught

           TYPE : GRASS

Chespin is a grass type Pokemon. The quills on its head are usually soft. But when they flex, it will become sharp and stiff. It evolves to Quilladin. Quilladin has strong shell which they use to protect themselves. Further it evolves to  Chesnaught. Chesnaught tackles its enemies and make them fly.

#653 Fennekin 

#654 Braixen

#655 Delphox

                                                                                     TYPE: FIRE, PSYCHIC

Fennekin is a fire type Pokemon.  It energy fills fully by eating twigs. It evolves to Braixen. Braixen has a twig on its tail which they use for attacking and communication. It uses its stick to see the future. 

#656 Froakie 

#657 Frogadier

#658 Greninja

                                                                                     TYPE: ROCK, GROUND

Froakie is a water type Pokemon. It secretes a bubble in its chest and back which protects them from attacks. It evolves to Frogadier. Frogadier can throw bubble covered pebbles on its foes with great precision Further it evolves to Greninja. Greninja can throw stars which is made of water. These stars can split a metal into two.

   #659 Bunnelby 

#660 Diggersby

         TYPE : GROUND

Bunnelby is a ground type Pokemon. It uses its ears to dig burrows It can dig all night. It evolves to Diggersby DIggersby can dig trough rocks. They are very useful for construction site workers.

#661 Fletchling 

#652 Fletchinder

#663 Talonflame

                                                                                      TYPE: FIRE, FLYING

Fletchling is a small normal as well as flying type Pokemon. It evolves to Fletchinder, Fletchinder blows fire from its bean and it can set a tall grass on fire. Further it evolves to Talonflame.. Talonflame flies high in the sky to show its ember on wings. It feathers are fire-proof

#664 Scatterbug 

#665 Spewpa

#666 Vivillon

                   TYPE : BUG

Scatterbug is a bug type Pokemon. If it sees a bird type Pokemon, it spews a poisonous black powder that cripples them. It evolves to Spewpa. Spewpa has a thick white fur Further it evolves to Vivillon. Vivillon has bright colors all over its body. The patterns differs within the species.

     #667 Litleo  

#668 Pyroar

                                                                                      TYPE: FIRE, NORMAL

Litleo is a fire as well as normal type Pokemon. When it faces tough opponents the fire on its mane increases which also launches more power in its body. It evolves to Pyroar. Pyoar lives in groups. The male Pyroar with big mane is the leader of that group.

#669 Flabébé 

#670 Floette

#671 Florges

           TYPE : FAIRY

Flabébé  is a fairy type of Pokemon. It use its inner power from flowers and controls it. It evolves to Floette. Floette lives near field of flowers. Further it evolves to Florges Florges

   #672 Skiddo 

    #673 Gogoat

             TYPE : GRASS

Skiddo is grass type Pokemon. It lives in harmony with people. It evolves to Gogoat. Gogoat  can sense the mood of their trainer. It can empathize well with its trainers.

    #674 Pancham 

   #675 Pangoro

                                                                                     TYPE: FIGHTING, DARK

Pancham is a fighting type Pokemon. Though its look is not intimating, it wants it enemies to take it seriously. It has a leaf on its mouth which is its Trademark. It evolves to Pangroo. Pangroo has violent temperament. It uses the leaf on its mouth to sense enemy movements. 

     #677 Espurr 

#678 Meowstic

         TYPE : PSYCHIC

Espurr is a psychic type Pokemon. The organ that emits its Psychic power is covered by its ear to avoid its power leaking. It evolves to Meowstic. Meowstic raises its ears to release powerful psychic energy that can grind a 10 Ton truck.

    #679 Honedge 

#680 Doublade

#681 Aegislash

                                                                                   TYPE: STEEL, GHOST

Honedge is a steel as well as Ghost type Pokemon. This Pokemon is born when a departed soul inhabits the sword. It drinks life force out of people. It evolves to Doublade. Doublade  has two swords which can slash down enemies Further it evolves to Aegislash. Aegislash has two forms. Shield form and Blade form. It uses spectral power

    #682 Spritzee 

#683 Aromatisse

              TYPE : FAIRY

Spritzee is a fairly type Pokemon. It releases a scent that pleases people. The scent depends on what food it eats. It evolves to Aromatisse. Aromatisse can release various scent pleasant, unpleasant. In a battle it releases a scent that its enemies dislike to gain advantage in people.

    #684 Swirlix 

#685 Slurpuff

               TYPE : FAIRY

Swirlix is a fairy type Pokemon. It releases a white and sweet thread o cotton candy to disengage its opponents. It evolves to Slurpuff. Slurpuff. Slurpuff can distinguish different types of scents. It helps chefs in pastry works 

     #686 Inkay 

#687 Malamar

                                                                                     TYPE: DARK, PSYCHIC

Inkay is a dark as well as psychic type Pokemon. Pokemons that sees its flashing lights emitted from its spots will lose the will to fight. It evolves to Malamar. Malamar has very high hypnotic powers than any other Pokemon. It can make any pokemon to do whatever it wants.

     #688 Binacle 

  #689 Barbaracle

                                                                                     TYPE: ROCK, WATER

Binacle is a rock as well as water type Pokemon. Two Binacles live in a asame rock. But when it fights, one of the Binacle will move to different rock. It evolves to Barbaracle. Barbaracle is a collection of seven Binacles. Barbaracle has power of seven Binacles.

     #690 Skrelp 

  #691 Dragalge

                                                                               TYPE: POISON, DRAGON

Skrelp is a poison type Pokemon. They camouflage themselves as rotten Kelp. They spray liquid Poison on its enemies. It evolves to Dragalge. Dragalge can spit poison that can corrode a hull of tanker. It can attack anything that enters its territory.

   #692 Clauncher 

#693 Clawitzer

           TYPE : WATER

Clauncher is a water type Pokemon. It shoots compressed water from its claws to attack flying prey. Clawitzer can launch Cannon Balls of water that can pierce through hull of a tank.

    #694 Helioptile    

#695 Heliolisk

                                                                                TYPE: ELECTRIC, NORMAL

Helioptile is an electric type Pokemon. It lives in desert. It makes its energy from Sun. So it doesn't require any food. It evolves to Heliolisk. Heliolisk can produce electricity that can power a skyscraper. 

      #696 Tyrunt   

#697 Tyrantrum

                                                                                     TYPE: ROCK, DRAGON

Tyrunt is a Rock as well as Dragon type Pokemon. It has powerful jaws that can crush automobiles. It does not know its strength. Even its playful bite can cause grave injuries to other Pokemon. It evolves to Tyrantrum. Tyrantrum can make thick metal pieces to thin paper shreds. This Pokemon was invincible in the ancient world.

       #698 Amaura 

#699 Aurorus

                                                                                          TYPE: ROCK, ICE

Amaura is a Rock as well as Ice type Pokemon. This pokemon is regenerated from Fossils. It has the abilities to create Aurora. It evolves to Auorus. Aurorus has diamond shaped shaped structures which spray ice at very low degrees encasing its enemies with ice.  

#704 Goomy 

#705 Sliggoo

#706 Goodra

         TYPE : DRAGON

Goomy is a dragon type Pokemon. It is the weakest dragon type Pokemon. It lives in damp areas to avoid drying out. It evolves to Sliggoo. Sliggoo makes its opponents by excreting fluids. Further it evolves to Goodra. Goodra is friendly dragon type Pokemon. When hugging, it covers its trainer with slime.

 #708 Phantump 

#709 Trevenant

                                                                                 TYPE: GHOST, GRASS

Phantump iscreated when a spirit possess a rotten tree stump. They usually live in abandoned forests. It evolves to Trevenant. Trvenant has the ability to control trees. It can trap people if they try to harm their forests. 

  #710 Pumpkaboo 

#711 Gourgeist

                                                                                 TYPE: GHOST, GRASS

Pumpkaboo is a ghost as well as grass type Pokemon. They are created when a spirit occupies a pumpkin body. During night it becomes very active. It evolves to Gourgeist. Gourgeist sings on town streets during full moon night. Anyone who is hearing that song is cursed. 

    #712 Bergmite 

#713 Avalugg

           TYPE : GRASS

Bergmite is an ice type Pokemon. It defends itself with its ice shield. It repairs its cracked surface by blowing ice on it. It evolves to Avalugg. Avalugg has body that is as hard as steel. It crushed anything that comes in its way.

     #714 Noibat 

   #715 Noivern

                                                                                TYPE: FLYING, DRAGON

Noibat is a poison as well as dragon type Pokemon. they can produce Ultra sonic waves about 200,000 Hertz. It evolves to Noivern. Noivern attacks its prey on Moonless night. It becomes invincible in dark.