Pokemon Go Evolution Chart Generation 7

#722 Rowlet

#723 Dartrix

#724 Decidueye

               TYPE : GRASS

Rowlet is a grass as well as flying type Pokemon. It uses photosynthesis to make energy during day and gets active at night. It evolves to Dartrix. Dartrix grooms and maintains its feather. It is very sensitive ears and it is aware of of its surroundings. It evolves to Deidueye. Decidueye shoots arrow quills from its wings with precision. 

#725 Litten

#726 Torracat

#727 Incineroar

                 TYPE : FIRE

Litten is a fire type Pokemon. It spits fire on its foes. It evolves to Torracat. Torracat has a bell around its neck. It glows whenever it spits fire. Further it evolves to Incineroar Incineroar is violent and selfish. It will not even listen its trainer if it is not in mood. 

#728 Popplio

#729 Brionne

#730 Primarina

               TYPE : WATER

Popplio is a water type Pokemon. It blows body fluid with its nose like a balloon which attacks its foes. This Pokemon is famous for being a hardworker. It evolves to Brionne. Brionne is a excellent dancer. It can produce balloons of different colors. It further evolves to Primarina. Primarina controls all its balloons by singing.

#731 Pikipek 

#732 Trumbeak

#733 Toucannon

                                                                                        TYPE: NORMAL, FLYING

Pikipek is a normal as well as flying type Pokemon. Pikipek pecks on trees to build nests for storing foods. It evolves to Trumbeak. Trumbeak eats berries and stores the seed on its mouth. It uses those seeds for attacking. It further evolves to Toucannon. Toucannon can launch seeds that can shatter boulders.  

    #734 Yungoos

#735 Gumshoos

           TYPE : NORMAL

Yungoos is a normal type Pokemon. Yungoos can bite anything with its sharp fangs. It evolves to Gumshoos. Gumshoos waits for its prey and then attacks once it spots its prey. It goes back to shelter during night.

#736 Grubbin

#737 Charjabug

#738 Vikavolt

                                                                                     TYPE: BUG, ELECTRIC

Grubbin is a bug type Pokemon. It has powerful jaws that can cut through trees. I t evolves to Charjabug. Charjabug can store electricity. It is taken for camping. Further it evolves to Vikavolt. Vikavolt has long jaws that can zap its enemies. 

#739 Crabrawler

#730 Crabobminable

                                                                                     TYPE: FIGHTING, ICE

Crabrawler is fighting as well as ice type Pokemon. It looks for gaps and start punching its foes. It evolves to Crabobminable. Crabobminable  has fur that can endure cold.

#742 Cutiefly

#743  Ribombee

                                                                                         TYPE: BUG, FAIRY

Cutiefly is a bug as well as Fairy type Pokemon. It eats nectar and pollen of flowers. It can sense when flowers are about to bloom. It evolves to Ribombee. Ribombee uses pollen as food or attacking in battle. 

#744 Rockruff

#745 Lycanroc

              TYPE : ROCK

Rockruff is a rock type Pokemon.. This Pokemon is good for beginners. But its character changes as it grows older. It evolves to Lycanroc. Lycanroc attacks very fast. It confuses its enemies with its speed. It attacks with sharp rocks on its mane. In its mid night form, it becomes very violent. Its blood boils as it faces tough opponents. It will attack violently without caring about its safety. 

    #747 Mareanie

#748 Toxapex

                                                                                     TYPE: POISON, WATER

Mareanie is a poison as well as water type Pokemon. It throws poison spikes on its enemies from its spikes. After the foe is weakened, it will attack with its tentacles. It evolves to Toxapex. Toxapex moves in ocean bed with its 12 legs. 

    #749 Mudbray

#750 Mudsdale

           TYPE : GROUND

Mudbray is a ground type Pokemon. It has immense power for its size. The mud on its hooves gives more grip to it. It evolves to Mudsdale. Mudsdale is very strong. It spits a mud that that is resistant to wind and rain.

      #751 Dewpider

#752 Araquanid

                                                                                            TYPE: BUG, WATER

Dewpider is a water as well as Bug type Pokemon. It moves in land in search of food. Its head is covered by a Bubble. The bubble allows it to breathe and protect its soft head. It evolves to Araquanid. Arquanid headbutts its foes with its Bubble head. Small pokemons are sucked inside the Bubble Head where they are drowned.

        #753 Fomantis

#754 Lurantis

              TYPE : GRASS

Fomantis is a grass type Pokemon. During the day, it uses photosynthesis to store energy for evolution. During night, it finds a safe place to sleep. It evolves to Lurantis. Lurantis has vivid colors on its body. But it requires large effort to maintain its colors.

       #755 Morelull

   #756 Shiinotic

                                                                                            TYPE: GRASS, FIRE

Morelull is a grass as well as Fairy type Pokemon. When it senses danger it opens when scatters spores that make foes dizzy. It evolves to Shiinotic. Shiinotic lives in forests. It confuses people with its lights. 

      #757 Salandit

     #758 Salazzle

                                                                                         TYPE: POISON, FIRE

Salandit is a poison as well as fire type Pokemon. It burns the body fluids to produce Toxic gases. It evolves to Salazzle. Salazzle is a female only species. 

         #759 Stufful 

#760 Bewear

                                                                                 TYPE: NORMAL, FIGHTING

Stufful  is a normal as well as fighting type Pokemon. Even though it has adorable looks. Its punches can knock out evn well trained Pokemon. It evolves to Bewear. Bewear is not a friendly Pokemon. Even it friendly arm swings and hugs can cause much danger to People and Pokemons. 

#761 Bounsweet

#762 Steenee

#763 Tsareena

                TYPE : GRASS

Bounsweet is a grass type pokemon. It releases a aroma that drives Pokemon to them and swallow them. It evolves to Steenee. Steenee protects its body by using the petals on its head. Further it evolves to Tsareena. Tsareena has long legs which are not only for show but also for battling purposes. It can kick effectively.

#767 Wimpod

#768 Golisopod

                                                                                         TYPE: BUG, WATER

Wimpod is a bug as well as Water type Pokemon. Wimpod spits a poisonous fluid that makes enemies move away. They can eat anything. It evolves to Golisopod. Golisopod has retractable claws. Its body is hard as Diamond. 

      #769 Sandygast

#770 Palossand

                                                                                     TYPE: GHOST, GROUND

Sandygast is a Ghost type Pokemon. It has a shovel on it all the time. It uses sand to grow bigger and bigger. It evolves to Palossand. Paossand controls people  to build castles for it. It has greater power of curse.

   #722 Type: Null  

#723 Silvally

           TYPE : NORMAL

Type: Null has many hidden powers. The mask on its face is used to control its intrinsic capabilities. It evolves to Silvally. Silvally's power comes from the trust it has on its trainer. It can change its type depending on the opponent in the battle. 

#782 Jangmo-o

#783 Hakamo-o

#784 Kommo-o

            TYPE : DRAGON

Jangmo-o is a dragon type Pokemon. It expresses its feelings by shaking its scales and making noises. It evolves to Hakamo-o. Hakamo-o jumps on its foes and make their enemies to shreds with their punches. Further it evolves to Kommo-o. Kommo-o will make noise by jingling its tail that makes opponents run away

#789 Cosmog

#790 Cosmoem

#791 Solgaleo

#792 Lunala

           TYPE : PSYCHIC

Cosmog is a Psychic type Pokemon. Its body is comprised of gases. It evolves to Cosmoem. Cosmoem doesn't move much. It is called 'Cocoon of Stars'. Cosmoem has two possible evolutions. Solgaleo and Lunala. Solgaleo can produce intense light from its body which makes a mid night look like a mid day. Lunala absorbs light and convert it to energy.

       #803 Poipole  

#804 Naganadel

           TYPE : POISON

Poipole is a Poison type pokemon. It is popular starter Pokemon of its word. It evolves to Naganadel. Naganadel stores hundreds of litres of Poison in it body. If anyone touches it , it will become violent. 

#808 Meltan

#809 Melmetal

             TYPE : STEEL

Meltan is a Steel type Pokemon. It can absorb iron and other metals from the sub soil. It evolves to Melmetal. This pokemon is respected fr its ability to create iron from nothing.