Pokemon Go Evolution Chart Generation 5

#495 Snivy

#496 Servine

#497 Serperior

             TYPE : GRASS

Snivy is a Grass type Pokemon. when it is exposed to sunlight, its movement becomes faster. It evolves to Servine. Servine moves fast that it looks like slding. It uses powerful vine whip attacks. Further it evolves to Seperior. Seperior attacks with all its power only on opponents who are not fazed by the glare of its eyes.

#498 Tepig

#499 Pignite

#500 Emboar

                 TYPE : FIRE

Tepig is  fire type Pokemon. It dodges attacks efficiently  and shoots fireball through its nose. It evolves to Pignite. Pignite eats more food to make the fire inside its stomach stronger. It evolves to Emboar. Emboar can shoot fire punches .

#501 Oshawott 

#502 Dewott

#503 Samurott

              TYPE : WATER

Oshawott is a water type pokemon. It uses its shell to fight and also to break open the berries it eat. It evolves to Dewott. Dewott trains hard to master its double scalchop moves. It further evolves to Samurott. Samurott can stand in hinds legs. With one growl it can silence any pokemons.

#504 Patrat 

#505 Watchog

           TYPE : NORMAL

Patrat is a normal type pokemon. It stores its food in its mouth and keep watching for days. It communicates with the help of its tail. It evolves to watchdog. Watchog uses luminescent matter to make it eyes and body glow which stuns attacking opponents. It also has night vision abilities that allows it to see in darkness.

#506 Lillipup 

#507 Herdier

#508 Stoutland

           TYPE : NORMAL

Lillipup is normal type pokemon. The hair along its face allows it to sense changes in surroundings. It evolves to Herdier. Herdier is a very loyal Pokemon. It helps it trainer to raise other Pokemons. Further it evolves to Stoutland. Stoutland is a intelligent , loyal and a courageous pokemon. It saves people abandoned in cold regions. Its thick fur helps it to fight cold.

#509 Purrloin 

#510 Liepard

                TYPE : DARK

Purrloin is a normal type pokemon. Its cute looks lets it opponents to lower their guard. It evolves to Liepard. Liepard has well developed muscles that allows it to move noiselessly.

#511 Pansage 

#512 Simisage

                TYPE : GRASS

Pansage is a grass type Pokemon that lives in deep forest. It collects berries to eat. It evolves to Simisage. Simimisage attacks it enemies with its tail which has thorns. it is wild tempered.

#513 Pansear 

#514 Simisear

               TYPE : FIRE

Pansear isa fire type Pokemon. It collects berries and then roasts it with its flame before eating. It evolves to Simisear. Simsear has a flame burning indise its body all the time with which it scatters ember.

#514 Panpour 

#516 Simipour

               TYPE : WATER

Panpouer is a water type Pokemon. It has water inside its head which is nutritious/ It waters plants with its tail. It evolves to Simpipour. Simipour sprays high pressure water with its tail. The pressure of water can break concrete walls.  

#517 Munna 

#518 Musharna

           TYPE : PSYCHIC

Munna is apyschic type pokemon. It appears in front of people and pokemon who are having nightmares. It easts their dreams. It evolves to Musharna. The Mist on Musharna's forehead is full of people and Pokemon 's dreams.

#519 Pidove

#520 Tranquill

#521 Unfezant

                                                                                  TYPE: NORMAL, FLYING

Pidove is a normal as well as flying type Pokemon. This Pokemon is not very intelligent. It forgets its command given by its trainer. It evolves to Tranquil. Tranquil travels long distances but always returns to its trainer. Further it evolves to Unfezant. Unfezant has a red plumage that it uses to scare its enemies.

#522 Blitzle 

#523 Zebstrika

           TYPE : ELECTRIC

Blitzle is an electic type pokemon. It appears when there are thunder clouds in the sky. It can catch thunder with its mane and stores electricity. It evolves to Zebstrika. Zebstrika runs wild when it gets mad. It shoots lightening in all directions.

#524 Roggenrola 

#525 Boldore

#526 Gigalith

                  TYPE : ROCK

Roggenrola  is a rock type pokemon. It has hexagonal body. Its body is hard as steel. It evolves to Boldore. Boldore has high energy n it body which forms orange crystals when it is leaked. Further it evolves to Gigalith. It compresses energy in the core of its body which can blow mountains. It can store sun light with its orange crystals which can shoot powerful beams through its mouth.

#527 Woobat 

#528 Swoobat

                                                                                    TYPE: PSYCHIC, FLYING

Woobat is a psychic as well as flying type pokemon. It lives in caves and dark forests. It produces ultrasonic waves by which it learns its surroundings. It evovles to Swoobat. Swoobat emits powerful ultrasonic waves when it shakes its tail vigorously. It can break concrete walls with its ultrasonic waves.

#529 Drilbur 

#530 Excadrill

                                                                                      TYPE: GROUND, STEEL

Drillbur is a ground type pokemon. It moves through ground by drilling its way using two claws. It puts itsclaws together and rotate at high speed to dig its way. It evolves to Excadrill. Excadrill  has straighten its entire body and like drill and gig thrrough grounds. It is used for digging tyunnels.

#532 Timburr 

#533 Gurdurr

#534 Conkeldurr

           TYPE : FIGHTING

Timburr  is a fighting type pokemon. it is mostly found near construction sites. It always carries a square log with it all the time. It evolves to Gurdurr. Gurdurr is strong with all its muscles. It is known to help people in construction. Further it evolves to Conkeldurr. Conkeldurr is carries two pillars in its hands. It is said that Conkeldurr had thought human how to make concrete 2000 years ago.

#535 Tympole 

#536 Palpitoad

#537 Seismitoad

               TYPE : WATER

Tympole is a water type pokemon. It makes a high pitch sound by vibrating its cheeks. It evolves to Palpitoad. Palpitoad vibrates the bumps on its head to make waves and small eathquakes. It evolves to Seismitoad. Seismitoad increases the power of its punches by vibrating the bumps on its fist. 

#540 Sewaddle  

#541 Swadloon

#542 Leavanny

                                                                                        TYPE: BUG, GRASS

Seawaddle is a bug type pokemon. It sews its own clothes. It sews up leaves and make sticky thread using it. It evolves to Swadloom. The dead leaves that fall from Swadloom make the soil fertile and nutritious. Further it evolves to Leavanny. Leavanny makes clothes for pokemons with sticky fluid that is secreted in its mouth. 

#543 Venipede 

#544 Whirlipede

#545 Scolipede

                                                                                         TYPE: BUG, POISON

Venipede is a bug type pokemon. it senses its surroundings using feelers which they have at the top of their head. It evolves to Whirlipede. Whiripede is protected with hard shield in its body. it rolls and attacks enemies with full force. It evolves to Scolipede. Scolipede is very violent in nature. It lives in dense forests.

  #546 Cottonee 

#547 Whimsicott

                                                                                     TYPE: GRASS, FAIRY

Cottonee is a grass type Pokemon. Cottonee shoots cotton which acts a decoy an distracts the attackers. It evolves to Whimsicott. Whimsicott. Whimsicott appears with whirlwinds. This pokemon is known to pull pranks on people. 

         #548 Petilil 

    #549 Lilligant

             TYPE : GRASS

Petlil is a grass type pokemon. The leaves on its head are very bitter. But eating those leaves will refresh tired bodies. It evolves to Lilligant. Lilligant has a garland on its head. The scent of its garland gives a relaxing effect. But it goes away if the trainer didn't take care of it.

#551 Sandile 

#552 Krokorok

#553 Krookodile

                                                                                     TYPE: GROUND, DARK

Sandile is a ground as well as dark type pokemon. It moves below the ground surface but still keeping its eyes and nose on the top of the surface. It evolves to Krokorok. Krokorok live in small groups. It has protective membrane on its eyes that protects its eyes from sand storm. It further evolves to Krookodile. Krookodile is very violent pokemon. It attacks anything it sees.

     #554 Darumaka 

#555 Darmanitan

                   TYPE : FIRE

Darumaka is a fire type pokemon. When the flames inside it body burn, it becomes very active and when the flames shrink it goes to sleep. It evolves to Darmanitan. Darmanitan has strong hands. With one punch it can destroy a truck. It also has a Zen Mode in which it changes it body shape to oval and its skin becomes tan. It body becomes hard as rock.

      #557 Dwebble 

    #558 Crustle

                                                                                            TYPE: BUG, ROCK

Dwebble is a bug as well as rock type pokemon. When it finds a suitable rock to be used as shell, it secretes a fluids which makes hole in the bottom of the rock. It evolves to Crustle. Crustle has strong legs that allows it carry a big slab of rock. Crustle fights over its territory. In a fight the Crustle whose rock breaks up first will lose the fight. 

     #559 Scraggy 

    #560 Scrafty

                                                                                       TYPE: DARK, FIGHTING

Scraggy is a dark as well as fighting type Pokemon. It has an elastic skin which it can pull up to its neck to avoid damage from attacks. This pokemon can be easily engaged in a battle. It evolves to Scrafty. Scrafty has a crest on top of its head. The bigger the Crest, the more it is respected by other Scrafty. 

#562 Yamask 

#563 Cofagrigus

            TYPE : GHOST

Yamask is a shadow like Ghost type pokemon. It has an yellow mask which resembles its time as human. This pokemon araised from the spirits of people buried in graves. It evolves to Cofagrigus. Ancient people believed id someone gets too close to them, they will swallow them and make their bodies to Mummies. It is fully covered with Gold. 

#564 Tirtouga 

#565 Carracosta

                                                                                     TYPE: WATER, ROCK

Titouga is a water type Pokemon which is said to be lived millions of years ago. These species are considered to be extinct. But they are regenerated through fossils. It evolves to Carracosta. Carracosta is a strong Pokemon. One slap from it is enough to break open a tank.

#566 Archen 

#567 Archeops

                                                                                       TYPE: ROCK, FLYING

Archen is a rock as well as flying type Pokemon. It is extinct and was regenerated from fossils. It is also said that Archen is the ancestor of all flying Pokemon. It evolves to Archeotrops. Archeotops is an intelligent Pokemon. It likes to run more than flying. 

    #568 Trubbish 

#569 Garbodor

              TYPE : POISON

Trubbish is poison type Pokemon. This pokemon is created by a chemical reaction between garbage backs and industrial wastes. It releases poisonous gases. It evolves to Garbodor. Garbodor shoots poisonous gases through its fingers. The smell of this pokemon makes people and other pokemons run away.

         #570 Zorua  

    #571 Zoroark

              TYPE : DARK

Zorua is a dark type pokemon. It changes its appearance to other pokemons and then escapes from there. But the appearance change is only illusion. It evolves to Zoroark. Zoroark can make illusions to multiple people at the same time. It can even change its appearance to human. It can also make illusion of islands, mountains and scenery. The illusion looks very real that ever a camera cannot detect it.

   #572 Minccino 

#573 Cinccino

           TYPE : NORMAL

Mincinno is a normal type pokemon. It uses its tail for many purposes. They greet one another with their tail. It lives in clean Habitat. It evolves to Cinccino. Cinccino  has white fur which fells amazing to touch and feel. Also the fur protects them from Static electricity. 

#574 Gothita 

#575 Gothorita

#576 Gothitelle

           TYPE : PSYCHIC

Gothita is pychic type pokemon. They have ribbon like feelers on the top of their head which increases their psychic powers. It evolves to Gothorita. They use Starlight as the source of their psychic powers. At night they align rocks to match with stars. Further it evolves to Gothitelle. Gothitelle can see distant stars witheir immense Psychic powers. It can predict future based on movements of stars and planets.

#577 Solosis 

#578 Duosion

#579 Reuniclus

           TYPE : PSYCHIC

Solosis is a pychic type pokemon. It is covered by a type of liquid throughout its entire body which acts as a protection. It evolves to Duosion. Duosion has two divided brains. At times it will try to do actions at once. Further it evolves to Reuniclus. Reuniclus has two hands whch are controlled by its Psychic powers. It can crush boulders with its hands.

#580 Ducklett 

#581 Swanna

                                                                                   TYPE: WATER, FLYING

Ducklett is a small water as well as flying type pokemon. If it is attacked by an enemy, it splashes water with its wings and escapes. It evolves to Swanna. Swanna is elegant looking pokemon. It can fly 1000 miles without taking any rest in the middle.

#582 Vanillite 

#583 Vanillish

#584 Vanilluxe

                    TYPE : ICE

Vanillite is ice type pokemon.  This pokemon create snow crystals and make snowfall around it. It evolves to Vanillish. Vanillishcan freeze its opponents and shatter them with headbutt. Further it evolves to Vanilluxe. Vanilluxe has two heads. If both of its head become angry, then it will launch a powerful blizzard thaat buries eveything in snow. 

        #585 Deerling 

#586 Sawsbuck

                                                                                      TYPE: NORMAL, GRASS

Deerling a normal type pokemon. It changes its skin color according to the season. This color change is necessary for it to survive that type of Weather conditions. It evolves to Sawsbuck. Sawsbuck cal also change its color according to weather conditions. People can easily tell what season it is by looking at the horns of Sawsbuck.

#588 Karrablast 

#589 Escavalier

                                                                                        TYPE: BUG, GRASS

Karrablast is a bug type Pokemon that lives in forests and fields. If it senses danger, it spits an acidic liquid from its mouth. It always targets Shelmet so it can evolve. It evolves to Escavalier. Escavalier has armour covering its entire body. This pokemon is strong and tough. It flies at high speed attacking everything with its lances.

     #590 Foongus 

#591 Amoonguss

                                                                                   TYPE: GRASS, POISON

Foongus is a grass as well as poison type pokemon. It lures pokemons with its Pokeball pattern and releases poison spores. It evolves to Amoonguss. Amoongus lures Pokemons with its Pokeball pattern. but only few pokemons are fooled by this.

         #592 Frillish 

     #593 Jellicent

                                                                                     TYPE: WATER, GHOST

Frillish is a water as well as Ghost type pokemon. It lives deep under oceans. First it paralyses its prey with poison and then drags it to 5 miles under water where they live. It evolves to Jeliicent. Jellicent body is mostly comprised of sea water. The ships that cross Jellicent territory are never found again They say jellicent drowns the ships.

         #595 Joltik 

#596 Galvantula

                                                                                      TYPE: BUG, ELECTRIC

Joltik is a bug as well as electric type Pokemon. Joltik cannot produce electricity on its own. So it always sticks its body around other pokemon to absorn static electricity. It evolves to Galvantula. Galvantula lays electrical webs around to catch its prey. The electricity in the web paralyses its prey.

    #597 Ferroseed 

#598 Ferrothorn

                                                                                     TYPE: GRASS, STEEL

Ferroseed is a grass as well as steel type pokemon. If this Pokemon is threatened it shoots barrage of spikes as an escaping mechanism. It evolves to Ferrothorn. Ferothorn has three feelers which shoots spikes continously. 

#599 Klink 

#600 Klang

#601 Klinklang

            TYPE : STEEL

Klink is a steel type pokemon. This pokemon interlocks adn spins to produce life energy. It evolves to Klang. Klang rotates fast when it becomes angry. Further it evolves to Klinklang. Klinklang has a gear with red core that rotates at high speed for rapid energy charge.

#602 Tynamo 

#603 Eelektrik

#604 Eelektross

           TYPE : ELECTRIC

Tynamo is an electric type Pokemon. Though one Tynamo is not enough to create a powerful electricity, a group can definitely cause some serious damage. It evolves to Eelektrik. Eelektrik wraps its foes with its body and then shocks them. Further it evolves to Eelektross. Eelektross has a vaccum mouth with which it sucks its foes and then use its fangs to electrocute them. 

       #605 Elgyem 

#606 Beheeyem

            TYPE : PSYCHIC

Elgyem is psychic type pokemon. It squeezes its opponents brain using its psychic powers causing severe headaches to its foes. It evolves to Beheeyem. Beheeyem has three flashing lights using which it communicates. But the signals of those flashes are not decoded. 

#607 Litwick 

#608 Lampent

#609 Chandelure

                                                                                           TYPE: GHOST, FIRE

Litwick is a ghost type pokemon. Litwick pretends like helping people in dark but actually it is sucking life energy from people whoever following it. It evolves to Lampent. Lampent has  fire inside its body which is fueled by spirits. Further it evolves to Chandelure. Chandelure has flames on its body. These flames won't burn the body but but instead it burns the spirit leaving the body behind. 

#610 Axew 

#611 Fraxure

#612 Haxorus

           TYPE : DRAGON

Axew  is a dragon type pokemon. They use their tusk to crush berries. It evolves to Fraxure. Fraxure has strong tusks which can break rocks. The territory fight between Fraxure can be extremely violent. Further it evolves to Haxorus. Haxorus is normally kind but it can be dangerous when agitated.

#613 Cubchoo 

    #614 Beartic

                    TYPE : ICE

Cubchoo is an ice type Pokemon. It is always found with its running nose. It evolves to Beartic. Beartic is found in Northern cold seas. It moves through ocean by freezing its own breath. 

#616 Shelmet 

#617 Accelgor

                 TYPE : BUG

Shelmet is a bug type Pokemon. When Karrablast and Shelmet come together, they receive an electric simulation which makes both the pokemons evolve. Shelmet evolves to Accelgor. Accelgor is very fast and fight with ninja like movements. 

#619 Mienfoo 

#620 Mienshao

          TYPE : FIGHTING

Mienfoo is a fighting like Pokemon. It takes immense pride on its speed. They train in mountains to enhance their fighting skills. It evolves to Mienshao. Mienshao uses fur on its hands to attack its foes. It uses its hands like a Whip. Once it starts attacking, it becomes unstoppable. 

      #622 Golett 

    #623 Golurk

                                                                                     TYPE: GROUND, GHOST

Golett is a ground as well as ghost type pokemon. The energy inside its body allows it to move . But the energy is still unidentified. It evolves to Golurk. Golurk has been believed to be created by ancient people to protect them. 

#624 Pawniard 

#625 Bisharp

                                                                                         TYPE: DARK, STEEL

Pawniard is a dark as well as Steel type Pokemon. Its body is covered with blades completely. If any of its blade become blunt, it will sharp it with rocks along side the river. It evolves to Bisharp. Bisharp owns a pack of Pawniard. It makes pawniard to hold the enemy to immobility and then crashing through the enemy with its blades. This pokemon is ruthless.

     #627 Rufflet

  #628 Braviary 

                                                                                     TYPE: NORMAL, FLYING

Ruffetis a normal as well as flying type pokemon. They are not afraid of any pokemons regardless of their size. They evolves to Braviary . Braviary will fight for its trainer even after it is injured.   

    #629 Vullaby

   #630 Mandibuzz

                                                                                           TYPE: DARK, FLYING

Vullaby is a dark as well as flying type Pokemon. Its wings are too small so it cannot fly. After the evolution it sheds the bone. It evolves to Mandibuzz. Mandibuzz flies in circular direction in the sky. when it spots a prey, it dives and catches the prey.

#633 Deino 

#634 Zweilous

#635 Hydreigon

                                                                                     TYPE: DARK, DRAGON

Deino is a dark as well as dragon type pokemon. Since they cannot see they tackle and bite to learn its surroundings. It evolves to Zweilous. Zweilous has two head which don't get along. The head which eats more is the leader. Further it evolves to Hydreigon. Hydreigon has three head. The head on their arms don't have brain. The three head attacks and destroys everything.

    #636 Larvesta 

#637 Volcarona

                                                                                                TYPE: BUG, FIRE

Larvesta is a bug as well as fire type Pokemon. It is said that it was born from the Sun. It lives near the feet of Volcano. It covers itself with cocoon during evolution. It evolves to Volcarono. Volcarono engulfs the battlefield with fire from its wings.