Pokemon Go Evolution Chart Generation 4

Pokemon go evolution chart generation 4

#387 Turtwig

Pokemon go evolution chart generation 4

#388 Grotle

#389 Torterra

           TYPE : GRASS

Turtwig is a Grass type Pokemon. This pokemon undergoes photosynthesis in the presence of sunlight. It evolves to Grotle. Grotle lives near water in forest. Further it evolves to Toterra. Torterra is a big pokemon. It is nicknamed "The moving forest".

#390 Chimchar 

#391 Monferno

#392 Infernape

           TYPE : FIRE

Chimchar is a firetype Pokemon. It has a flame at its rear end. it evolves to Monferno. Monferno is fast and active. It can jump and perform aerial attacks. Further it evolves to Infernape. Infernape has flame crown on its head to indicate its fiery nature. It can attack using all its limbs. 

#393 Piplup 

#394 Prinplup

#395 Empoleon

           TYPE : WATER

Piplup is water type pokemon. This pokemon is known for not listening to its trainers. It evolves to Prinlup. Prinlup stays away from people. Further it evolves to Empoleon. Empoleon is a very fast swimmer. It has blade like wings which can cut through ice while swimming.

#396 Starly 

#397 Staravia

#398 Staraptor

                                                                                 TYPE: NORMAL, FLYING

Starly is flying type pokemon. They fly in groups. It evolves to Starvia. Starvia flies in large groups. Further it evolves to Staraptor. Staraptor is a strong flying pokemon. Staraptor has strong wing muscles. It can fly holding small pokemons in its legs.

#399 Bidoof

#400 Bibarel

        TYPE : NORMAL

Bidoof is a normal type pokemon. Though it looks blocky, this pokemon is active throughout the day. It evolves to Bibarel. Bibarel builds nests with branches and sticks. It has very sharp incisors. 

#401 Kricketot 

#402 Kricketune

           TYPE : BUG

Kricketot is a bug type pokemon. It has two antenna on its head. It communicates by sound with other Kricketot with noise caused by colliding its antenna. It evolves to Kricketune. Kricketune has blade like hand s which it uses to make melodies. 

#403 Shinx 

#404 Luxio

#405 Luxray


Shinx is electric type pokemon. It makes electricity by contracting and stretching its muscles. It evolves to Luxio. Luxio communicates to other Luxio using electric pulses thhat is generated from their claws. Further it evolves to Luxray. Luxray can see through walls like X-ray vision.

#408 Cranidos 

#409 Rampardos

           TYPE : ROCK

Cranidos is a rock type pokemon. It is an ancient pokemon. It attacks its prey running straight and headbutting them. It evolves to Rampardos. Ramapardos can hit anything with its strong skull. It is saidn that ancient people dug and uses Rampardos skull as helmet.

#410 Shieldon 

#411 Bastiodon

                                                                                 TYPE: ROCK, STEEL

Shieldon has a shield on its face giving a good protection from attacks from front. However it is weak weak when attacked from behind. It evolves to Bastiodon. Bastiodon has a steel like shield in front. When they are lined up, nothing can break through it. But this pokemon is weak when attacked from behind. 

 #412 Burmy

#414 Mothim

#413 Wormadam

                 TYPE : BUG

Burmy is a bug type Pokemon. Though it is born without any cocoon materials, it somehow develops it which protects it from cold and harsh weather conditions. A male Burmy evolves to Mothim. A female Burmy evolves to Wormadam. Mothim is nomadic and nocturnal pokemon. Wormadam has different colours of cloak.

#415 Combee 

#416 Vespiquen

                                                                              TYPE: BUG, FLYING

Combee is a small honey bee like pokemon that lives in forest. It collects honey throughout the day and protects its queen. It evolves to Vespiquen. Vespiquen is the queen of combee. It will not do any work. It orders Combee to do all thw work. It gives birth to other Combees. 

#418 Buizel 

#419 Floatzel

           TYPE : WATER

Buizel is a water type pokemon. It lives in water bodies. It has a yellow air sack that inflates and deflates air depending on the purposes. It has two split tails that acts a propeller to swim in water. It evolves to Floatzel is known for saving drowning people. 

#420 Cherubi 

#421 Cherrim

           TYPE : GRASS

Cherubi is a small cherry like pokemon. It has a secondary head which is edible and full of nutrients. When second head is drained of all nutrients, it will start to evolve. Cherubi evolves to Cherrim. Cherrim has two forms. During normal time, its petals are closed. During strong sunshine, it opens its petals which is called Sunshine form.

#422 Shellos 

#421 Gastrodon

                                                                                   TYPE: WATER, GROUND

Shellos is a water type Pokemon. Its body changes depending on wher it is found. An East sea Shello has different color pattern when compared to West sea Shello. It evoles to Gastrodon. Gastodon oozes a purple fluid when its is attacked. 

#425 Drifloon 

#426 Drifblim

                                                                                     TYPE: GHOST, FLYING

Drifloon is a ghost type pokemon. t is formed by the spirits of People and Pokemon. It looks like a balloon. It evolves to Drifblim. Drifblim can easilt carry people and other pokemon, It is active mostly at night. 

#427 Buneary 

#428 Lopunny

         TYPE : NORMAL

Buneary is a normal type Pokemon. Is ears are folded most of the time. But when it senses danger, both ears stand straight. It can jump for great distances. It evolves to Lopunny.  Lopunny has very long ears. When it senses danger, it will quickly hop and escape. This pokemon can give powerful kicks with its legs. 

#431 Glameow 

#432 Purugly

         TYPE : NORMAL

Glameow is a normal type Pokemon. It uses it claws and tails for fights. It has a crescent shaped face. it can give powerful blows with its tail. It evolves to Purugly. Purugly makes itself appear bigger to threaten its enemies. It claims other Pokemon's nest if it fins the nest is comfortable. 

#434 Stunky 

#435 Skuntank

                                                                                 TYPE: POISON, DARK

Stunky is a poison as well as dark type pokemon. This pokeon sprays a fluid from its rear which can smell around a mile radius sending all Pokemons away. It evolves to Skunktank. Skunktank can spray a toxic fluid that smells dreadful from the tip of its tail. The range of this spraying is about 160 feet.

#436 Bronzor 

#437 Bronzong

                                                                                       TYPE: STEEL, PYCHIC

Bronzor is a Steel and pychic type pokemon. It has yellow eyes and a big nose. Ancient believes that this Pokemon had Mysterious powers. It evolves to Bronzong. Bronzong can summon rain clouds. So this pokemon is popularly known as " Bringer of Rain".

#443 Gible 

#444 Gabite

#445 Garchomp

                                                                              TYPE: DRAGON, GROUND

Gible is a dragon as well as ground type Pokemon. It has strong jaws. it can dig grounds efficiently. it evolves to Gabite. Garbite is attracted to sparkling things. It collects treasures in caves and hoards in their nest.  Further it evolves to Garchomp. Garchomp flies at high speed. it can slice ground with its powerful hands. 

#447 Riolu 

#448 Lucario


Riolu is a canine like fighting type pokemon. This pokemon has super-human stamina, strength and can make long journeys with short amount of food. It evolves to Lucario. Lucario is a rare pokemon. It can sense aura of other pokemon and predict fighting moves. it lives in mountains away from people 's reach. It can understand human language and it can communicate to humans through telepathy. 

#449 Hippopotas 

#450 Hippowdon

         TYPE : GROUND

Hippopotas  is a ground type Pokemon. It likes dry places and always covers itself with sand. It evolves to Hippowdon. Hippowdon has a huge powerful jaws that can crush cars.  Sand always spills from the ports on its bodies. It digs ground at very high speed.

#451 Skorupi 

#452 Drapion

                                                                                     TYPE: POISON, DARK

Skorupi is a poison type pokemon. Skorupi holds its Skorupi holds its prey with its claws and injects poison with its sting. It evolves to Drapion. Drapion is a strong and aggressive pokemon. it takes pride in its strength. It can scrap a car with its powerful claws.

#453 Croagunk 

#454 Toxicroak

                                                                                    TYPE: POISON, FIGHTING

Croagunk is a poison as well as fighting type Pokemon. It has poison sacs on its cheeks. It catches its prey by jabbing with its poison fingers. It evolves to Toxicroak. Toxicroak can send its stored poison to its body by croaking which can increase its potentials.

#46 Finneon 

#457 Lumineon

           TYPE : WATER

Finneon is a water type Pokemon. The line along its body can store sunlight which it shines vividly at night. It evolves to Lumineon. Lumineon  lives in deep ocean floor and attracts its prey by flashing patterns.

#459 Snover 

#460 Abomasnow

                                                                                 TYPE: ICE, GRASS

Snover is an ice as well as grass type pokemon. Snover is a very curious pokemon. It follows footprints on the snow.During warm seasons , it lives on top of mountains. During cold winter season, it reaches to the bottom of mountains. It evolves to Abomasnow. Abomasnow can create blizzards to hide itself. it is nick named "Ice Monster".