Pokemon Go Evolution Chart Generation 3

#242 Treecko 

#253 Grovyle

#254 Sceptile

           TYPE : GRASS

Treecko is a grass type pokemon that lives in trees. It has a thick tail with which it slams its enemies. It evolves to Grovyle. It has leaves on its hand and legs which acts as camouflage. It is good at climbing trees. later it evolves to Sceptile. Sceptile has sharp edged leaves. It moves very fast.

#255 Torchic 

#256 Combusken

#257 Blaziken

            TYPE : FIRE

Torchic is a fire type pokemon. It can breath fire upto 1500 degree celcius. It can use fire balls on its foes. It evolves to Combusken. Combusken has very strong legs. it runs over fields and grasslands. It can do 10 kicks in 1 second. Blaziken is a powerful fire pokemon. It has flames coming froms its wrist. The stronger the foe, the more intense the flames burn.

#258 Mudkip 

#259 Marshtomp

#260 Swampert

                                                                                     TYPE: ROCK, GROUND

Mudkip is a water type pokemon. The fin on its heasd acts like a radar. I can sense movements in air and water withoutr using its head. It evolves to Marshtomp. Marshtomp has athin film on its skin that allows it to live on land. Further it evolves to Swampert. Swampert is a powerful pokemon. It can easily push weights about a ton.

#261 Poochyena 

#262 Mightyena

            TYPE : DARK

Poochyena is dark pokemon. It bites anything it sees moving. It chases its prey until it becomes tired. It evolves to Mightyena. Mightyena is a strong attacker. It bites its foes flawlessly. It has sharp pointed fangs.  

#263 Zigzagoon 

#264 Linoone

           TYPE : NORMAL

Zigzagoon is a normal type pokemon. it wanders everywhere throughout the day. This pokemon loves moving around. It evolves to Linoone. Linoone also runs throughout the day. It can only turn in right angles.

#265 Wurmple

#266 Silcoon

#268 Cascoon

#267 Beautifly

#269 Dustox

               TYPE : BUG

#270 Lotad 

#271 Lombre

#272 Ludicolo

                                                                                    TYPE: WATER, GRASS

Lotad  is a water type pokemon. It lives inn lakes and ponds. It moves to land in search of fresh water. It evolves to Lombre. Lombre is a nocturnal pokemon. It roams in night for fodd. It evolves to Ludicolo. Ludicolo loves dancing to festivel music. This pokemon dances whenever it hears music.

#273 Seedot 

#274 Nuzleaf

#275 Shiftry

                                                                                     TYPE: GRASS, DARK

Seedot is a tiny grass pokemon that attaches itself to trees to suck moisture from it. the moisture it absorns the more glossier it looks. It evolves to Nuzleaf. Nuzleaf lives in deep forest. It rarwely comes out of forest. Further it evolves to Shiftry. Shiftry is said to be a mysterious pokemon. It lives in top of tall trees. it can create strong winds with its fans in the hands. 

#276 Taillow 

#277 Swellow

                                                                                    TYPE: NORMAL, FLYING

Taillow is flying type pokemon. This pokemon is very courageous and it si not afraid of big  pokemons. It wil not accept defeat in a battle. It evolves to Swellow. Swellow flies above its enemies and attakcs by diving straight down to them. it holds its prey in its legs tightly. 

#278 Wingull 

#279 Pelipper

                                                                                     TYPE: WATER, FLYING

Wingull has a keen eye sight. It keeps its prey in its mouth and carries them away. It glides in the sky with air like a glider. It evolves to Pelipper.  Pelliper carries other pokemon eggs in its mouth. It builds it nest in steep cliffs facing the seashore.

#280 Ralts 

#281 Kirlia

#282 Gardevoir

#475 Gallade

                                                                                      TYPE: PSYCHIC, FAIRY

Ralts is a pychic pokemon. This pokemon can sense people's feelings. But it rarely appears in front of people. It evolves to Kilia. Kirlia grows beautifully if it strainer displayed positive emotions. Kirlia has two possible evolutions. Garedevoir and Gallade. Gardevoir can read future and can warn their trainer about impending future. It can unleash powerful Psychokinetic energy. Gallade is a strong fighter. It can predict foes moves with it Psychic abilities.

#283 Surskit 

#284 Masquerain

                  TYPE : BUG

Surskit is a Bug as well as water type pokemon.  It secretes a oil like substance with which can move fast on waters. It feeds on small microscopic organisms inwater. it evolves to Masquerain. Masquerain has eye like colors on its wings. With these it can scare tiny pokemons. Masquerain wings allow it to move in any direction like a chopper.

#285 Shroomish 

#286  Breloom

                                                                                     TYPE: ROCK, GROUND

Shroomish is a grass type pokemon that lives in deep forests. This pokemon eats fallen and rotten leaves. It evolves to Breloom. Breloom. This pokemon has good foot movements and can puch vey fast making it a good fighting pokemon. 

#287 Slakoth 

#288 Vigoroth

#289 Slaking

          TYPE : NORMAL

This pokemon is a slow pokemon. It sit around 20 hours a day. Since it moves only a little, it does not need much food. It evolves to Vigoroth. Vigoroth is a hyperactive pokemon. It cannot sit in a single place. It always needs to keep moving. Further it evolves to Slaking. Slaking is the laziest pokemon of all. It lies in a single place and eats all day and doesn't like to move.

#290 Nincada 

#291 Ninjask

#292 Shedinja

                 TYPE : BUG

Nincada lives under the ground for many years. It absorbs nutrients from the roots of tree and waits for evolution. It evolves to Nijask. Nijask can move at very high speed that it looks like it is invisible. It then evolves to Shedinja. Shedinja has a very hard body and it is also hollow. 

#293 Whismur 

#294 Loudred

#295 Exploud

         TYPE : NORMAL

Whismur is a quiet pokemon. It doesn't make any noise normally. But if it feels threatened it will make ear bleeding noise. It evolves to Loudred. Loudred  can make loud noise that can make its foes to run other way. It uses its ears as speakers. Further it evoles to Exploud. Exploud can suck air through its ports and explode a heavy bellow that can cause tremors.

#296 Makuhita 

#297 Hariyama

         TYPE : FIGHTING

Makuhita is a fighting pokemon. Makuhita stands up for fight even after it is knocked down. This pokemon stores energy in its body for evolution. It evolves to Hariyama, Hariyama is a strong fighting pokemon. Hariyama's open hand attacks and slaps cause much damage to its foes. It trains very hard and hits everywhere to trains its attacks.

#299 Nosepass 

#476 Probopass

                                                                                        TYPE: ROCK, STEEL

Nosepass is a rock type pokemon. It has a magnetic nose that points North direction. If two Nosepass meets they will repel each other. It evolves to Probopass. Probopass had a strong red magmet on top of its head. 

#300 Skitty 

#301 Delcatty

           TYPE : NORMAL

Skitty is a normal type pokemon. This pokemon loves chasing moving objects. Sometimes it chases its own tail and becomes tired of it. It evolves to Delcatty. Delcatty is a beautiful looking pokemon. It is popular among female trainers. This pokemon avoids conflicts and it lives in forests.

#304 Aron 

#305  Lairon

#306 Aggron

                                                                                     TYPE: STEEL, ROCK

Aron is  a steel type pokemon. Aron feeds on steel by digging in mountains. Its body is made of Steel. It evolves to Lairon. Lairon lives near water springs that have high mineral content. Its body is very hard. Further it evolves to Aggron.Aggron has a entire mountain as its territory. It attacks anything that comes in its territory.

#307 Meditite 

#308 Medicham

                                                                         TYPE: FIGHTING PYSCHIC

Meditite goes to mountains to undego deep meditation and mental training. Whenever it  starts to meditate it loses it focus. So this pokemon has a never ending training. It evolves to Medicham. Medicham undergoes meditation to increase its energy and 6th sense.

#309 Electrike 

#310 Manectric

         TYPE : ELECTRIC

Electrike storres electricity in its hair. It can stimulate electric jolts inn its legs which gives acceleration to it. It evolves to Manectric. Manectirc's fur discharges electricity frequently. During battle, it can make thunder clouds in the battle fields. 

#406 Budew

#315 Roselia

#407 Roserade

                                                                                    TYPE: GRASS, POISON

Budew is a small grass type pokemon. It closes its bud mist of the time. When it opens its bud, it releases pollen which causes sneeziing and running nose. It evolves to Roselia. Roselia shoots thorns at foes. The aroma from its flowers calms living things. Further it evolves to Roserade. Roserade has a cape that gives elegant looks to it. 

#316 Gulpin 

#317 Swalot

           TYPE : POISON

Gulpin is a poison type pokemon. Gulpin's body is its stomach. So it can swallow anything of its own size. It evolves to Swalot.  Swalot spits toxic fluids on its enemies making them weak and then attacking them.  

#318 Carvanha 

#319 Sharpedo

                                                                                   TYPE: WATER, DARK

Carvanha is a water type pokemon. it has sharp fangs. It can break boat hulls with its bite. Many boats have sunken due to Carvanha's attack. It evolves to Sharpedo. Sharpedo is one of the feared pokemon in sea. It is nicknamed "bully of Sea"  It has very sharp teeth that can grow immediately if it is falls. This pokemon can cut through a super Tanker.

#320 Wailmer 

#321 Wailord

               TYPE : WATER

Wailmer is a Water type pokemon. Wailmer has nostrils above its eyes. It is a playful pokemon. It sprays water through its nostrils. It evolves to Wailord. Wailord is the largest identified pokemon. It swims in vast open seas. It can swallow huge quantity of food in gulp with its large mouth

#322 Numel

#323 Camerupt

                                                                                     TYPE: FIRE, GROUND

Numel is a fire type pokemon. It looks dull throughout the day. it is very dull that it cannot even notice being hit by anything. It evolves to camerupt. Camerupt has volcano inside its body. It can erupt 10000 degree celcius lava from its hump.

#325 Spoink 

#326 Grumpig

          TYPE : PSYCHIC

Spoink is a psychic type  pokemon. It bounces with its tail all day. The bouncing action makes its heart pump. That is why it always keeps jumping. If it stops jumping, its heart will stop beating. It evolves to Grumpig. Grumpig  uses its crystal in the body to amplify its psychic abilities.

#328 Trapinch 

#329 Vibrava

#330 Flygon

                                                                           TYPE: GROUND, DRAGON

Trapinch is a small ground pokemon. This pokemon digs pit on sand and wait for its prey to fall in it. It has powerful set of Jaws with which it an crush boulders. It evolves to Vibrava. Vibrava can make ultrasonic waves which can make other pokemons feint. It evolves to Flygon. Flygon can create sandstoms with its wings . It is nicknamed "Spirit of Desrt".

#331 Cacnea 

#322 Cacturne

                                                                                     TYPE: ROCK, GROUND

Cacnea is a grass type pokemon. It lives in dry areas like desert. It releases a strong aroma to attract its prey. It can shoot thorns at its enemies. It evolves to become Cacturne. During daytime Cacturne does not move to avoid losing moisture. It becomes active at night.

#333 Swablu 

#334 Altaria

                                                                          TYPE: NORMAL, FLYING

Swablu is a flying type pokemon that has cotton like wings thats help them with flight. This pokemon is not afraid of people and sits on people's head like hat. It evolves to Altaria. Altaria dances and sings in the sky. Its voice puts people in a dreamy state.

#339 Barboach 

#340 Whiscash

                                                                                TYPE: WATER, GROUND

Barboach is water as well as ground type pokemon. It has sensitive whiskers that acts as a radar. It can hide in mus=d completely exposing only its whikers. Whiscash  is highly territorial pokemon. A single Whiscash occupies a large pond as its territory. If a foe enters its region, it will start attacking by triggering earthquakes.

#341 Corphish 

#342 Crawdaunt

                                                                                     TYPE: WATER, GROUND

Corphish is a water type pokemon. It has two two pincirs whith which it attacks. It has a hard body. It evolves to Crawdaunt. Crawdaunt is very violent pokemon. It challenges other pokemon for fighting. Due to this all pokemon avoid living in the pond where a Crawdaunt is living.

#343 Baltoy 

#344 Claydol

                                                                                 TYPE: GROUND, PSYCHIC

Baltoy is a ground as well as psychic type pokemon. It moves by spinning on its own foot. It evolves to Claydol. Clayydol are said to be a doll ade out of mud by primitive people and are brought back to life by a mysterious ray. This pokemon can move by levitating itself. 

#345 Lileep 

#346 Cradily

                                                                                     TYPE: ROCK, GRASS

Lileep is said to be extinct 100 million years ago.  This pokemon attaches itself to ocean bead and waits for prey. It has perfect camouflage within sea weeds. Cradily roams around in sea floor for food. It grabs its prey using its long neck and eight tentacles. 

#347 Anorith

#348 Armaldo

                                                                                     TYPE: ROCK, BUG

Anorith is a pre-historic pokemon that is regenrated through fossil. It lives in warm seas. It grabs its prey using its claw. It evolves to Armaldo. Armaldo has a strong armour like body. So all atcks can be bounced off. It can punch through Steel slab using its claws. 

#349 Feebas 

#350 Milotic

               TYPE : WATER

Feebas is a water type Pokemon. It fins are ragged everywhere. Due to its shabby appearance it is ignored by all. It evolves to Milotic. Milotic is considered as the most beautiful pokemon. I has long snake like body. i can change people emotion by releasing a type of wave.

#353 Shuppet 

#354 Banette

            TYPE : GHOST

Shuppet is a ghost type pokemon. It is attracted by negative emotions like jealousy, hated and vengeance. It evolves to Banette. Banette lays strong curses by sticking pins to its own body. This pokemon looks like a old plush doll.

#355 Duskull 

#356 Dusclops 

#477 Dusknoir

           TYPE : GHOST

Duskskull is a ghost type pokemon that moves through wall and scacres people. It chases people until the break of dawn. It evolves to Dusclops. Dusclops body is completely hollow. It body is like a black hole. Once anything  goes into it will never come back again. Further it evolves to Dusknoir. Dusknoir has a antenna on its head that helps it ro communicate with spirit world. 

#433 Chingling

#358 Chimecho

           TYPE : PSCHIC

Chingling is a pyschic type pokemon. It has a red orb in its mouth using which it makes high frequency sound. This sounds makes opponents to run away. It evolves to chimecho. Chimecho can also make ultrasonic waves inside its hollow body that makes foe flying. 

#361 Snorunt 

#362 Glalie

#478 Froslass

                  TYPE : ICE

Snorunt ia a ice typr pokemon. It lives in icy and snowy regions.  It lives in groups and it is a social creature. Snorunthas two possible evolutions. Glalie and Frosslass. Glalie's body is made of rock with armor of steel around it. It can freeze moisture on atmosphere to any shape it want. On the other hand Froslass is a female only species. It lives in snowy regions. It can freeze its foes with icy breath. 

#363 Spheal 


#365 Walrein

                                                                                         TYPE: ICE, WATER

Spheal is a ice type pokemon. It rolls faster than walking. It claps t hand when it finds food due to intense pleasure. It evolves to sealeo. Sealeo has the habit of juggling everything on its nose. Sometimes it even juggles Spheal on its nose. Further it evolves to Walrein. Walrein has two big tusk that can shatter anything. This pokemon has thick layer of fat that allows it to survive even in lowest temperature. 


#366 Clamperl 

#367 Huntail

#368 Gorebyss

           TYPE : WATER

Clamperl is a water type pokemon. Clamperl is hard and protective. It can even catch its prey using those shells. Camperl has two possible evolutions. Huntail and Gorebyss. Huntail lives in deep ocean bed. I tcan see through unclear water where there is very little light. Gorebyss lives in southern sea where the water is very deep. It can withstand high pressure underwater. Due to this, Gorebyss can handle most of the attacks.

#371 Bagon 

#372 Shelgon

#373 Salamence

           TYPE : DRAGON

Bagon is a dragon type of pokemon. this pokemon lives in rough terrain. It has crazy desire to fly. so it jumps from the cliff to attempt flying adn bashes its head on the rock several times making its skull stronger. It evolves to Shelgon. Shelgon has a shell covering its body. It undergoes mutation process to grow wings inside the shell. Then it evolves to Salamence. Salamence has set of powerful wings which is due to mutation caused by high desire to fly It is a strong and powerful pokemon.

#374 Beldum 

#375 Metang

#376 Metagross

                                                                                       TYPE: STEEL, PSYCHIC

Beldum is a Steel type pokemon. This pokemon has powerful magnetic force running through entire body. It uses magnetic waves to communicate. It evolves to Beldum. When two Beldum fuse together, Metang is formed. It can strong generate psychokinetic power. Further it evolves to Metagross. It has powerful brains. It can also float in air.