Pokemon Go Evolution Chart Generation 1


#001 Bulbasaur


#002 Ivysaur


#003 Venusaur

           TYPE : GRASS

Bulbasaur is a grass type Pokemon that has a seed on its back. It evolves into Ivysaur.  It has a bud at it back which will bloom to a big flower.  Further it evolves into Venusaur. Venusasur is a very powerful grass type pokemon. It collects energy from the Sun with its flower.


#004 Charmander


#005 Charmeleon


#006 Charizard

             TYPE : FIRE

Charmander is a lizard like fire type pokemon. It has a flame at the tip of its tail and it will be always burning. It evolves into charmeleon. The tail of charmeleon burns fiercely when it is raged.  Further it evolves into charizard. Charizard s a powerful fire type pokemon and its breath can melt anything.

#007 Squirtle 

#008 Wartortle

#009 Blastoise

           TYPE : WATER

Squirtle is a water type pokemon. It uses its shell as protection and the groves on its shell helps in reducing resistance of water while swimming. It evolves into wartortle. Wartortle has a thick fur tail. The scratches on its shell shows its toughness as a fighter. Wartortle evolves into Blastoise. Blastoise has water canons in it shell which can shoot water with high pressure and accuracy. 

#010 Caterpie

#011 Metapod

#012 Butterfree

                TYPE : BUG

Caterpie is a small bug type pokemon that eats leaves throughout the day. It has a big appetite. It evolves into Metapod. The sghell of Metapod is hard as iron slabs. It will not move much in a day. All it does is preparing for its evolution. After some time Metapod evolves into Butterfree. Butterfree  collects honey from flowers. It can smell honey 6 miles away from its nest. 

#013 Weedle  

#014 Kakuna

#015 Beedrill

                TYPE : BUG

Weedle is a tiny bug type pokemon. It has a big nose which can smell its favorite leaves. It evolves into Kakuna. Kakauna spends most of its time in trees. After gaining enough strength it evolves into Beedrill. Beedrill is very territorial. It attacks anyone violently trespassing in its territory.

#016 Pidgey 

#017 Pidgeotto

#018  Pidgeot

                                                                                        TYPE: NORMAL, FLYING

Pidgey is a tiny pigeon like pokemon. Pidgey is very alert and have keen sense of seeing. It evolves into pidgeotto. Pidgeotto guards its terrritory violently. It flies over its territory to find any intruders in its space. Further it evolves into Pidgeot. Pidgeot is one big flying pokemon. It has a bright and dense plumage. They are very bright in color. 

#019 Rattata 

#020 Raticate

       TYPE : NORMAL

Rattata is a tiny rat like pokemon It builds nests anywhere. They have keen sense of hearing. It evolves into Ratticate. Ratticate has very sharp fangs and can cause serious damage to enemies.

#021 Spearow 

#022 Fearow

                                                                                        TYPE: NORMAL, FLYING

Spearow is a flying type pokemon. Its cry can be heard over long distance. It cries to spread danger message to other spearows. Fearow has long neck and long beak. With these it can hunt its prey effectively. It has much stamina that it can fly all day without landing. 

#023 Ekans 

#024 Arbok

           TYPE : POISON

Ekans is a poison type pokemon. It curls itself to a spiral so that it can respond to threats fast. It evolves into Arbok. Arbok is a strong pokemon. It can coil its body around enemies and crush them. It is said that it can crush steel oil drums. 

#172 Pichu 

#025 Pikachu

#025 Raichu

         TYPE : ELECTRIC

Pichu is a small pokemon. It can store and discharge static electricity. It evolves into Pikachu. Pikachu is fast and very agile. It can discharge large amount of electricity. Further it evoles into Raichu. Raichu can store 100,000 volts of electricity But if it stores too much electricity, it bcomes angry. So it discharges it electricity periodically in the ground. 

#027 Sandshrew 

#028 Sandslash

       TYPE : GROUND

Sandshrew is ground type pokemon that lives in dry areas. If it is threaten it can roll itself into a ball. It mostly lives in deep burrows. The evolution of sandshrew is called sandslash. Sandslash has sharp spikes on its back. It has long claws that helps them to climb trees. 

#029 Nidoran♀ 

#030 Nidorina

#031 Nidoqueen

           TYPE : POISON

Nidoran is a tiny poison type pokemon. It can secrete powerful poison in its sting. It evolves to Nidorina. Nidorina can emit ultrasonic cries which can make its foes go mad. Further it evolves to Nidoqueen. Nidoqueen is one of the strongest pokemon. It can make enemies fly using its attack.

#032 Nidoran♂ 

#033  Nidorino

#034 Nidoking

           TYPE : POISON

Nidoran has muscles that can move its ears. It evolves to Nidorinio. It has sharp horns which are as strong as diamond. It will charge it enemies using its horn. Nidoking is extremely powerful. It has very powerful tail with which it strikes its opponents.

#173 Cleffa

#035 Clefairy

#036 Clefable

           TYPE : FAIRY

Cleffa is a tiny pink shaped pokemon. They tend to come out during night to view shooting stars. It evolves to Clefairy. Clefairy lives in group.  They tend have a ceremony during full moon night. Further it evolves to Clefable. Clefable moves by skipping steps that looks like they are flying with wings. 

#037 Vulpix 

#038 Ninetales

              TYPE : FIRE

Vulpix is a fox like fire type pokemon. It is will known for its adorable looks. At birth it has only one tail. Upon growing its tail splits into 6 tails that curls. It evolves to Ninetales. Ninetales can hypnotize its opponents. Nonetales can live upto 1000 years .

#174 Igglybuff

#039 Jigglypuff

#040 Wigglytuff

                                                                                        TYPE: NORMAL, FLYING

Igglybuff is a fairy type pokemon. It is known for singing. it evolves to jiggybuff. Jigglybuff is always found with a mic in its hand. Its singing causes both pokemon adn people to sleep at their place. It then evolves to Wigglttuff. Wigglytuff has a long pointed ears. it can infate itself by inhaling air. Due to this it an bounce and jump easily in air.

#041 Zubat 

#042 Golbat

#169 Crobat

                                                                                        TYPE: NORMAL, FLYING

Zubat is a poison as well as flying type pokemon. It lives in caves and avois sunlight at all costs.  It evolves to become Gobat Golbat hunts for fresh blood in the night skies Further it evolves to Crobat. Crobat is a big flying pokemon. It has two set of wings that flaps alternatively. Crobat is very stealthy and hunts at night. 

#043 Oddish 

#044 Gloom

#045 Vileplume

#182 Bellossam

                                                                                        TYPE: GRASS, POISON

Oddish is a grass as well as poison type Pokemon. it buries itself during the day to absorb enough nutrients. it evoles to Gloom. Gloom releases stinky aroma when it is stressed. The foul aroma prevents its foes getting near to it. Gloom has two possible evolutions. If a trainer uses leaf stone it will evolve to a Vileplume. Vileplume has toxic pollen in its fowers. If a Gloom is exposed to Sun Stone, it will evolve to Bellossam. Bellossam is always found dancing and chanting joyfully.

#046 Paras 

#047 Parasect

                                                                                        TYPE: NORMAL, FLYING

Paras is a bug type pokemon. Paras has a set of parasitic mushrooms on its back. The mushroom is used for medicinal purposes. It evolves to Parasect. Parasect infest a tree to absorb nutrients required for its body. When it drains out a tree completely, it moves to another tree.

#048 Venonat 

#049 Venomoth

                                                                                        TYPE: BUG, POISON

Venonat has thin coat of hair covering its entire body. It has large eyes. It has a very sharp eye sught It evolves to Venomoth. Venomoth is nocturnal. It hunts actively at night. Its favorite prey are small insects. 

#050 Diglett 

#051 Dugtrio


Diglett is a ground type pokemon. Diglett is mainly raised in farms. The place where diglett burrows is perfect for planting crops. It evolves to Dugtrio. Dugtrio is actually triplet emerging from same body. But all three can think in same way. They dig around the ground very rapidly and endlessly. 

#050 Meowth 

#053 Persian

        TYPE : NORMAL

Meowth is normal type pokemon. It is known for its sneakiness and stealth. It uses its sharp claws to attack and scratch other pokemons. It is attracted to shiny coins that glitters on light. It evolves to Persian. Persian is known for its temperament issues. It will scratch anyone including its trainer. It has six bold whiskers with it sense enemies movement.

#054 Psyduck 

#056 Golduck

           TYPE : WATER

Psyduck is a water type pokemon. It gets headaches often. This pokemon cannot think clearly. when its headache goes worst, it releases it headache bygenerating a astong Psychic waves it evolves to Golduck. Golduck is very fast swimmer. Its webbed foot and streamlined body is built for swimmimg.

#056 Mankey 

#057 Primeape

          TYPE : FIGHTING

Mankey is a very aggressive pokemon. once it gets angry it never stop attacking. They prefer to live in groups n tree tops. It evolves to Primeape. Primeape chases and attacks anyone who disturbs it. Primeape lives in moutain areas. Primeape also attacks anyone who is masking eye contact with it.

#058 Growlithe 

#059 Arcanine

              TYPE : FIRE

Growlithe is a fire type pokemon. It has a keen sense of smell. Once Growlithe smells anything, it will not forget the the smell. It evolves to Arcanice. Arcanine is a large fire pokemon. It is capable of running long distance. It is said that an arcanine can run around 6,200 miles ina single day.  It has a beautiful appearance. 

#060 Poliwag 

#061 Poliwhirl

#062 Poliwrath

#186 Politoed

           TYPE : WATER

Poliwag is a small water type pokemon. Poliwag has thin skin and a notable spiral layer on its belly. the skin of poliwag is very flexible. It evolves to Poliwhirl. Polywhirl's skin is very wet and slippery thus giving it an advantage to escpae its enemies. Polywhirl has two evolution. Poliwrath and politoed. Poliwrath is strong and has blocky muscles. It has enormous strength and stamina. that it can swim back and forth the ocean without tiring. On the ther hand Politoed is a green frog like pokemon. It can sing and call all Poliwag and Poliwhirl nearby. 

#063 Abra 

#064 Kadabra

#065  Alakazam  

           TYPE : PSYCHIC

Abra is a pyschic type pokemon it will sleep form 18 hours a day. It has the ability to teleport. It evolves to Kadabra. Kadabra emits an apha waves when it has an headache. Only people with strong Psyche can become a trainer of this pokemon. Further Kadabra evolves to Alakazam. Alakazam's brain grows continously to the point where it beconmes too heavy. So it holds its head with its psychokinetic abilities. 

#066 Machop 

#067 Machoke

#068 Machamp

          TYPE : FIGHTING

Machop is afighting type pokemon. thier musles never get sore no matter hhow much they exercise. It evolves to Machoke. Machoke is very strong that it can hold a sumo wrestler in one finger. Its muscles are string as steel. It further evolves to Machamp. Further it evolves to Machamp. Machamp  is known to attack without thinking. once it starts attackig, it becomes unstoppable. 

#069 Bellsprout 

#070 Weepinbell

#071 Victreebel

                                                                                        TYPE: GRASS, POISON 

Bellsprout has a thin body which is very flexible. Its flexible body allows it dodge other pokemon's attack. it splts a fluid which can melt iron. It evolves to Weepinbell. weepin bell has a hook like structure on its rear end allowing it to hook on tress and sleep at night. Further it evloves to Victreebel. Victreebel has a long vine in its body which it uses to bait its prey. It swallows it prey fully. 

#072 Tentacool 

#077 Tentacruel

                                                                                        TYPE: WATER, POISON

Tentacool is a water as well as poison type pokemon. its body is mostly made up of water. If Tentacool is removed from water, its bdy gets dried up ad becomes like a parchment. It evolves to Tentacruel. Tentacruel has two red orbs in its head. It can can Ultrasonic waves with it. These waves can cause rough waves around it.

#074 Geodude 

#075 Graveler

#076 Golem

                                                                                     TYPE: ROCK, GROUND

Geodude is a rock as well as ground type pokemon. it evolves to Greveler. graveler grows by feeding on rocks. It eats rocks covered with moses. Golem is one of the powerful Rock Pokemon. It can cause earthquake and can roll over anything.

#077 Ponyta

#078 Rapidash

             TYPE : FIRE

Ponyta is afire type pokemon. this pokemon loves to run. A new born Ponyta is weak runner by birth. Later it becomes strong over running. It evolves to Rapidash. Rapidash is a fast pokeom. It can run at a speed of 150 mph. It lives in open grass lands.

 #079 Slowpoke

#080 Slowbro

#199 Slowking

                                                                                        TYPE: WATER, PYCHIC

Slowpoke is a water as well as pychic pokemon. it ives along water coast. it forgets what it is doing and spends most of the time sitting around. it has two possible evolutions. Slowbro and Slowking. Slowbro has a shelder biting in its tail. Slowking has shelder on its head. the Shelder on its head releases poison which makes slowking intelligent and unleash its Psychic powers.

#081 Magnemite 

#082 Magneton

#462 Magnezone

                                                                                        TYPE: ELECTRIC, STEEL

Magnemite is a electric type Pokemon. Magnemite fees on electricity. It is a docile pokemon. It evolves to Magneton. Magneton can produce high electromagnetic waves which can cause damage to mechanical devices.Further it evolves to Magezone. Magnezone looks like UFO flying in the sky. Magmezone is territorial. But it won't attack unles it is provked.

#084 Doduo 

#085 Dodrio

                                                                             TYPE: NORMAL, FLYING

Doduo is a normal as well as flying type pokemon. thw two heads of Doduo will not seep at same time. One sleeps and the other watches for enemies. It evolves to Dodrio. Dodrio has three heads which watches in three different directions. Dodrio is aggressive and territorial. It pecks on people and other pokemons if it is threatened. 

#086 Seel 

#087 Dewgong

                                                                                        TYPE: WATER, ICE

Seel is a water type pokemon that lives in cold icy region. Seel hunts fishes deep under the sheets of ice adn comes out through the ice breaking the sheets of ice. it evolves to Dewgong. Dewgong becomes active as the temperature lowers. it sleeps during the day and hunts at night. 

#088 Grimer 

#089 Muk

           TYPE : POISON

Grimmer is a poison type pokemon. Grimmer lives in sewers drinking drainage water. it can enter even in tiny holes. It evolves to Muk. Muk is full of stench and its  body is full o fluids. One drop of this fluid can  change a pool of water into stinky. 

#090 Shellder 

#091  Cloyster

                                                                                        TYPE: WATER, ICE

Shellder  is water type pokemon that lives near sea shore. It always keeps its tongue out. At night, it digs the ground with its tongue to sleep. it evolves to Cloyster. Cloyster can swim in sea. it does this by sucking water in its mouth and ejecting it in the rear. Its shell is very strong and protective. it can protect itself from massive attacks by hiding in its shell. It can shoot spikes at its enemies.

#092 Gastly 

#093 Haunter

#094 Gengar

                                                                                        TYPE: GHOST, POISON

Gastly is a ghost type pokemon. Its body is made up of combination of gases. Gastly often hides to avoid winds. it evolves to Haunter. Haunter is known to prank people at night. Haunter's lick will steal life out of pokemon. Further it evolves to Gengar. Gengar hides in shadow and only roams at night. it is very loyal to its trainers if it is treated well.

#095 Onix

#208 Steelix

                                                                                 TYPE: ROCK, GROUND

Onix is a rock and ground type pokemon it is very big and its body is made of boulders. It has a magnet in its brain which acts as compass when it is tunneling its way underground  to know its direction. It evolves to Steelix. Steelix is a powerful pokemon. It can dig deep undergrounds. it will cut through mountains with its powerful jaws. 

#096 Drowzee 

#097 Hypno

         TYPE : PSYCHIC

Drwozee is a psychic pokemon.  Ithas sleepy eyes. It has ability ton put people on sleep. It is also called sleep eater. It can eat people's dreams. It evolves to Hypno. Hypno holds a pendulam in its hand all the time With that Pendulam it can hypnotize any pokemon.

#98 Krabby 

#099 Kingler

           TYPE : WATER

Krabby  is water type of pokemon. Krabby is usually found in seashore often fighting for its territory.  Krabby evolves to Kingler. Kingler has a big claw. Its claws are very powerful. Due to its heavy claw, it becomes tires soon. It is also said that kingler's claw is as strong as Steel.

#100 Voltorb 

#101 Electrode


Voltorb is a electrc type pokemon. The Pokemon by itself looks like a Pokeball. It is well known for its explosion attack. It will expode often and cause damage. It evolves to Electrode. Electrode eats electricity from atmosphere when the lightening strikes earth. Due to this, it explodes.

#102 Exeggcute 

#103 Exeggutor

                                                                                        TYPE: GRASS, PYSCHIC

Exeggcute is a grass as well as Psychic type pokemon. The six eggs attract to each other. It reaches evolution stage once the cracks increase on them. It evolves to Exeggcutor. Exeggutor's head grow with exposing to sunlight. If the head of Exxegutor falls off, they group and form Exeggcute. 

#104 Cubone 

#105 Marowak

          TYPE : GROUND

Cubone is small ground type pokemon. it wears a Skull as Mask and wields abone for attacking. Cubone tends to cry during full moon to mourn the death of its mother. It evolves to Marowak. Marowak is strong and its spirit cannot be broke easily. it is strong and fierce attacker.

#236 Tyrogue

#106 Hitmonlee

#107 Hitmonchan

      #237 Hitmontop

         TYPE : FIGHTING

Tyrogue is a fighting type pokemon. It is a natural fighter. it go on to fight foes bigger than itself. it gets back to fight even after losing. Tyrogue has three possible evolution. First one is Hitmonlee. Hitmonlee is a kicking pokemon. It can lauch a barrage of powerful kicks that can devastate enemies. Second is Hitmonchan. hitmonchan is said to have a spirirt of Boxer. It will never back down from a fight. Third is Hitmontop. Hitmontop is small but fast pokemon. it can spin on its head and attack its opponents. It can punch and kick its enemies.

#108 Lickitung 

#463 Lickylicky

           YPE : NORMAL

Lickitung is a normal type pokemon. It has a very long tongue. It licks everything it see new. the reason for this licking is, it remembers things by the taste of it. It evolves to Lickylicky. Lickylicky lives in forest areas. Its tongue contains solvents that can decompose anything.

#109 Koffing 

#110 Weezing

           TYPE : POISON

Koffing is a poison type Pokemon. If this pokemon is agitated it can rise up toxicgases and jest them out.. It evolves to Weezing. weezing loves the smell of kitchen garbage. it can produce poisonous gas by itself.

#111 Rhyhorn 

#112 Rhydon

#113  Rhyperior

                                                                                        TYPE: GROUND, ROCK

Rhyhorn body is covered with string armour like skin that protects it. It runs straight and smashes to everything it sees. It evolves to Rhydon. rhydons is extremely tough Pokemon. Its skin is very hard. A blow from rhydon's tail can even bring buldings down. Further it evolves to Rhyperior. Rhyperior has a club like tail with which it can give killer blows. It lauches rocks from its canon like arms. 

#440 Happiny

#113 Chansey

#242 Blissey

          TYPE : NORMAL

Happiny is a small pink pokemon. itsPouch is very flexible It can keep its things insie the pouch with eae. It evolves to Chancey. Chancey is a very docuile pokemon. it lays eggs daily. The eggs are delicious to eat. chancey further evolves to Blissey. Bissey is a caring pokemon. It can sense sadness and rushes there to help. It also has an egg pouch on its belly. Blissey is very rare in wild. 

#114 Tangela 

#465 Tangrowth

           TYPE : GRASS

Tangela is a grass type pokemon, its body is fully covered with blue vines. These vines can be easily cut of if grabbed. It evolves to Tangrowth. Tangrowth is fullty covered with vines. It has a boneless arms with 3 fingers. Their hand will regrow again if they are cut off.

#116 Horsea 

#117 Seadra

#230 Kingdra

           TYPE : WATER

Horsea isa tiny water pokemon that lives in oceans If the water current is too high, it wraps its tails around the rocks to avoid washing away.  It evolves to Seadra. Seadra build its nests in corals. It anchors itself in the ocean bed to avoid washing away. further it evolves to Kingdra. Kingdra is one of the powerful water pokemons. The yawn of Kingdra can create waves that can destroy boats. It can create whirlpools and tornados on the surface. 

#118 Goldeen 

#119 Seaking

           TYPE : WATER

Goldeen is water type pokemon. it can ram with its powerful horn and cause serious damage to its foes it evolves to Seaking. Seaking is a powerful swimmer. It can swim in strong currents. It can even swim up the waterfalls. During breeding seasons, the male seaking displays bright colors to court females. 

#120 Staryu 

#121 Starmie

           TYPE : WATER

Staryu is a water type pokemon. It looks like a shape of star. It has a bright red organ on its bodies that shines. It is fast and agile. it evolves to Starmie. Starmie has a beautiful shining red orb on its body. Because f this, Starmie is called the "Gem of the Sea".

#439 Mime jr.

#122 Mr. Mime

                                                                                        TYPE: PSYCHIC, FAIRY

Mime Jr. is a small pink pokemon. It likes to imitate people. It can easily pick human emotions and change according to that. It evolves to Mr. Mime. Mr Mime is good at pantomime. it can make people that some unseeable objects exists. 

#123 Scyther 

#212 Scizor

                                                                                        TYPE: BUG, FLYING

Scyther is extremely fast pokemon. It has very sharp sword like hands that slice through anything. With one stroke it can cut a log of tree. It evoloves to Scizor. Scizor has powerful claws. Its body is hard as Steel. It can cause serious damage if it grabs a pokemon with its claws.

#238 Smoochum

#124 Jynx

                                                                                        TYPE: ICE, PSYCHIC

Smochum is small humanoid like pokemon. It looks like a baby human it is very active and run throughut the day. It is found in icy caves. It evolves to Jynx. Jynx is a ice type pokemon. It communicate through dancing movements. it has different cry patterns for communication.

#239 Elekid

#125 Electabuzz

#466 Electivire


Elekid is electric type pokemon. It has a black thunder marking on its body. Its horns starts to glow if the elekid is fully charged. It evolves to Electabuzz. Electabuzz absorbs the thunder  during storms. In some places Electabuzz is used as lightening Conductor Further it evolves to Electivire. Electivire is one of the strongest elecric pokemon. It can produce electricity that can support a town for an entire year. It can electrify its punches.

#240 Magby

#126 Magmar

#467 Magmortar

               TYPE : FIRE

Magby is a fir type pokemon. it can breath fire upto 600 degree Celcius. Magby is usually found in Volcanic regions. It evolves to Magmar. Magmar blows intense flames from its body. I can live in extreme high temperatures. Further it evolves to Magmortar. Magmortar has tubular arms that can shoot flames about 2000 degree celcius. It has a big flame burning on its head. They prefer to live in Volcanic regions. 

#129 Magikarp 

#130 Gyarados

                                                                                        TYPE: WATER, FLYING

Magikarp is a water type pokemon. It is one of the weakest Pokemons. The only attack it knows is splash. It can live even in polluted waters. Though Magikap is weak, it has a very powerful evolution. Magikarp evolves to Gyarados. Gyarodos is a powerful pokemon. It is known for its aggressiveness. Its scales are as hard a steel. Its bite can crush rocks. Gyarados is very difficult to tame even after the trainer catches it. 

Eevee is a normal type Pokemon. It has unstable genetic makeup that makes evolve based on the Environment it lives. The evolution is also determined the radiation of evolution stone used. Eevee has eight possible abilities.

Vaporeon : Vaporeon is a water type Pokemon. It has undergone many mutations to grow fin and gills. It has ability to control water.           

Jolteon: Jolteon is an electric type Pokemon. It can generate electricity from its body. The sharp bristle furs on its body are charged Electrical needles.

Flareon: Flareon is a fire type Pokemon. Its body temperature increases during battles.

Espeon: Espeon is a Psychic type Pokemon. It is very loyal to its trainer. It has developed precognitive powers.

Umbreon: Umbreon is a dark type Pokemon. It hides in darkness. It has glowing rings on its bodies.

Glaceon: Glaceon is a ice type Pokemon. It can freeze the atmospheric air around it.

Leafeon: Leafeon is a Grass type Pokemon. During day it undergoes Photosynthesis and releases pure air.

Sylveon: Sylveon is a fairy type Pokemon. It releases a soothing aura from its ribbons to calm the fights. 

#137 Porygon 

#233 Porygon

#474 Porygon - Z

       TYPE : NORMAL

Porygon is a pokemon that s made of Programming code. It body can change to any shapes. It is man-made pokemon in a laboratory. It can camouflage to any colors. It evolves to Porygon 2. Porygon 2 has round body and limbs. it can learn new abilitites on its own as it has arificial intelligence. It further evolves to Porygon Z. Porygo z has additional abilities. 

#138 Omanyte 

#139 Omastar

                                                                                        TYPE: ROCK, WATER

Omanyt is an ancient pokemon which become extinct and again. It was regenerated from fossils. it has a very hard shell in which it hides. It evolves to omastar. Omastar has tentacles with which it catches its prey. it shell becomes heavy as it grows. 

#140 Kabuto  

#141 Kabutops

                                                                                        TYPE: ROCK, WATER

Kabuto is a pre-historic pokemon that is regenerated from fossil. This pokemon has't evolves since 300 million years. It evolves to kabutops. Kabutops live underwater to catch its prey.  It has sharp claws like swords. 

#446 Munchlax

#143 Snorlax

         TYPE : NORMAL

Munchlax is normal type pokemon. it can eat anything from ice cream to rotten vegetables. it is very active and runs throughout the day. It hides food in its fur and eats it. it evolves to Snorlax. Snorlax is a giant pokemon that does only two things. Sleeping and eating.

#147 Dratini

#148 Dragonair

#149 Dragonite

         TYPE : DRAGON

Dratini is a dragon type pokemon. it lives near water. It is full of life energy. It can grow upto 6 feet and sheds its skin regularly. It evolves to Dragonair. Dratini is full of energy. It can even change weather using its crystal in the neck and tail. Further it evolves to Dragonite. Dragonite is a very powerful pokemon. It can fly thrice fast than an average plane. This pokemon is very kind hearted. It saves people in drowned in seas and from sunken ships.